How to prepare your herring

This is how you can prepare your herrings on your own. A must for midsummer, Christmas and all other important big days in Sweden.

First of all, rinse the unsalted fresh fish fillets and remove them from the skin.

The fillets should then be placed in a brine for one or two days. (Recipe in the end! )

The salted fillets should then be rinsed and preferably placed in water in the refrigerator for at least twelve hours.

Taste the fillet after twelve hours. If you feel that it is still far too salty, you can leave the fillets for a few more hours.

Recipe for your own Brine;

(to 400g herring)

2 dl vinegar (12%)

6 cups of water (which has been boiled and then cooled)

3 teaspoons of salt

When the herrings are done, then you can follow the steps in my recipe Potted Herring.


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