Today we are celebrating midsummer in Sweden, which is one of the most typically Swedish traditions of all! And the funniest probably!

Midsummer is a celebration of the longest day of the year, and there is nearly no dark at all. On the contrary it’s very dark in the winter..

So what do we do.. First of all we are eating herring, new potatoes and some greens. (You can find some herring recipes at my blog!) With that we drink beer or some wine. We also drink schnapps. In Sweden we often drink Akvavit as schnapps, it is alcohol with at least one of the herbs cumin or dill and it has to hold at least 37,5 alcohol. Fun fact about it is that it is older than whisky! The first Swedish documents about the herbal alcohol is from 1482! Some popular brands are Snälleröds, Skåne and Aalborg but there are many more to choose from!

When drinking schnapps we also sing.

Here is a text in English, that actually sounds exactly as it does in Swedish;)

Melodi: Helan går

Hell and gore, Chung hop father Allan ley
Hell and gore, Chung hop father Allan ley
Oh handsome in the hell and tar
and hell are in the half and four
Hell and gore, Chung hop father Allan ley!SKÅL!

In the afternoon we are dancing around a midsummer pole, that has been covered in flowers.

We celebrate the light, the green and according to some the pole represents fertility. And according to others the shape has its roots in Norse mythology, and it represents an axis linking the underworld, earth, and heavens. Well I have no idea what is true or not, for me it represents summer, sun, food and friends!

But I do know that we eat a lot of strawberries with cream and sugar before it is time for some outdoor games. All fun!!

In the evening there’s a big barbecue where we eat meat, sausages, sallad, grilled veggies and some different sauces. And then we dance and talk all night outside. If the weather allows us. Because this is Sweden, and you never know what the weather will be like!

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