Ginger and yuzu herring

You need the following:

Herring, I use Abba 5-minuterssill, but if you are not in Scandinavia then you can use any salted herring of course.(that is already prepared, if you can’t find it, follow the instructions in the other recipe at my blog.

How to prepare your herrings

Vinegar (or rice vinegar)


Herbs, fruits, or anything you want the herring to take the taste from

1, First of all mix 1 part vinegar, 2 parts sugar, and 3 parts water. Let it simmer until all the sugar is dissolved. Let it cool!

2, Prepare onion, yuzu, lime, ginger and chili

3, Cut the herring into pieces

4, Add the herring, and then the onion, yuzu, lime, ginger and chili

5, And then you add your mix of vinegar, sugar and water. Fill it up so nothing gets dry!

6, Leave 1-2 days and then enjoy!!

At the picture you can see when I just had added the onion, ginger, yuzu, lime and chili.

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