Holy Smoke

So I have finally been to Holy Smoke, and I was not disappointed! I have been to similar places in the States and this was actually better than these because of the atmosphere! The food was fantastic, and I’ve had fantastic food like this before. But Holy Smoke is more than that. It is a full on experience that won’t disappoint you. The environment is amazing, and you wouldn’t expect this food palace in the small village of Bräcke in Southern Sweden! But it is like a pilgrim walk to Holy Smoke from the big parking lot. Just follow the crowd and you are in for a treat!

We had a smoked brisket that was outstanding and my favourite, ribs, some cornbread, chicken and a lot more!
Just take a look at the generous menu, there is everything you can ask for and a bit more.. Or at least you can’t eat but that’s for sure!

It sure has happened something since Holy Smoke opened up in 2014 with 2 containers at a field. The idea from the beginning was to sell real American brisket to restaurants. And then they sold sandwiches, and then… Well they sure was on to something that the Swedes wanted. And not only the Swedes, BBQ enthusiasts from all over the world is visiting. Like Aaron Franklin, Jess Pryles, Niklas Ekstedt and many more have been visiting. And they also offer cooking classes at Holy Smoke with different celebrity BBQ chefs like the ones above. I hope I can join one someday!

While waiting for the food the kids can have some marshmallows over the open fire pit in the middle.
They use American smokers, and I don’t think there is any Swedish equivalent to these. They are big, and they really do the trick!

The atmosphere is inviting and simple, it suits all ages and sorts of people. And there is no dress code. Which is good as I came from my summer house and my nicest close are the ones I’ve had there for 5 years..

You find the bar in a pink container.

Johan Fritzell is the man behind this temple of BBQ! It was very nice to meet you, I’ll be back;)

You find some short videos from Holy Smoke at my blog.


Krapperups Kyrkoväg 116

263 76 Nyhamnsläge

Phone +46 42 773 03

E-Mail: info@holysmokebbq.se

You can go there by car, bike or bus.

I just love that they have my favourite soda, Jarritos.

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