Ben Jia Korean barbecue

This is just so so good!! I love Korean barbecue, and everyone I bring here loves it too! As a starter, and something you eat through out the meal your having small dishes called Banchan. At Ben Jia I normally get white cabbage kimchi, stewed pickled seaweed, potato salad and some others. And then your choice of meat will be grilled by the table to then be added into a salad leaf with some of the veggies. There are several kinds to choose from, like kimchi for example. I always ask them to grill some garlic too. (I do not recommend it when your supposed to go to a school concert afterwards, epic fail according to the people that sat beside me at my sons school) Then you dip it into the different sauces. The sauces they serve are the traditional ssamjang (a mixture of fermented soybean paste, red chili pepper paste garlic and other seasonings), gireumjang (a simple mixture of sesame oil, salt and pepper) and also a third spicy kimchi flavored dipping sauce.And then enjoy it! The good thing is that you feel really full afterwards, but in a nice wayD99E1497-A834-42C4-8C30-A3B6182BF092

One of the great things here is that they use charcoal grills with a super vent so that you won’t smell so much.

BenJia Korean BBQ
1339 Wuzhong Lu,
near Jinhui Nan Lu,
next to Scholars Hotel
吴中路1339号, 近金汇路

5/F, 1900 Tianshan Lu,
near Yan’an Xi Lu,
entrance towards the back of the driveway
天山路1900号, 近延安西路


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