Coco & Carmen

Punk Royale has taken over the old restaurant Coco & Carmen in Stockholm. It’s still a classy place just a bit more punky! Dario Balan that used to work at Frantzen is now the head chef at Coco. One will be able to find some classic Coco food, but also some Punk Royale caviar at a Pippi plate! Coco & Carmen has been one of the most popular lunch destinations at Östermalm in Stockholm for over 40 years. But from this month then we start being open in the evenings to. Can’t wait! The menu will be international, and you will also be able to order catering from Coco & Carmen.

Both Punk Royale and Coco & Carmen is owned by Joakim Almqvist, Kalle Nilsson och Erik Gustafsson. And I am sure there will be some changes, and I am also sure I will love them all!

Prices are reasonable and the food and drinks are super.

Coco & Carmen

Banérgatan 7, Stockholm