The best chocolate cake ever!

This is my favourite chocolate cake in the whole world! I just love it. And I don’t think there is many friends of mine that didn’t try it! Set the oven at 180 C, and then start baking.


150 gram melted butter

4,5 dl granulated sugar

3 eggs

3,5 teaspoon vanilla sugar

8 tablespoons Cacao

2,5 decilitre wheat flour


1, Grease an bake pan with butter and bread crumbs.

2, Add all the ingredients into a mixing bowl.

You can use an electric whisk or just whisk it by hand. Mix it all!

3, Distribute the batter into the cake pan. Make sure you put the batter evenly all over the cake pan.

4, Bake for about 30 minutes, try the cake with a tooth pick after 25 minutes. It should be baked, but still sticky in the middle.

I’m done remove from the oven and let it cool down for 10 minutes.

Add powder sugar on top of it, just so it looks nice before you serve.

it is nice to eat it with whisk cream, or some berries.

But most of the time I eat it just like it is. Enjoy;)

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