Aubergine “herring”

It tastes like herring, but it’s aubergine! Really tasty recipe this one!

420 g eggplant
2 spring onion
millilitres black pepper
2 millilitre allspice
1 bay leaf
1 dl fennel dill (the long leaf from the fennel, they taste a bit of liquorice)
1 dl plain dill and dill flower
1 tbsp salt

Vinegar ingredients:

1.5 dl water
5 tablespoons vinegar
2 cups sugar
1, Slice the eggplant and lay flat at an oven tray with salt. Leave for an hour.
2, Chop the onion and mix the eggplant with the remaining ingredients.
Leave for a week.
Serve with some Leksand’s Apple & Cardamom crisp bread.
I had this delicious vegetarian herring at an event with Leksands crisp bread. The recipe was created by Johanna Aurea and it was so tasty!

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