Pickled chanterelles with cheese cream and crisp bread.

Some really nice chantarelles and cheese cream pinxos at Leksands crisp bread. You can use any crisp bread of course, but I normally use the one from Leksands.

Cheese cream ingredients:

1 can of white beans

3 dl grated cheese

1 tbsp neutral oil

A little water


Mix everything into a smooth batter.

Pickled chanterelle ingredients:

600 g chanterelle

2-3 tablespoons salt

1dl water

2 cups of vinegar

3 cups of water

2 dl sugar

2 bay leaves

1 teaspoon of coarse black pepper


1, Cut the mushrooms and cut them in half or cut into quarters, if they are large.

2, Heat the mushrooms shortly with salt in a saucepan.

3, Pour on the water and let mushrooms steam under a lid for 2-3 minutes until the mushroom has softened.

4, Let the mushrooms drain and pour into a glass jar.

5, Boil the other ingredients and simmer for about three minutes until the sugar has dissolved.

6, Pour the warm liquid over the mushrooms and allow to stand for a while.

7, Dress the crispbread with some of the cheese and chanterelles. It is nice to add some dill or lingonberry on top.


This recipe was created for Leksands knäcke by Johanna Aurea.


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  • Jyo 18 september, 2019 at 04:13 Reply

    U always come up with interesting stuff 👌
    Looks fabulous !


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