San Sebastián in Spain

There is places I go to that is more amazing than others. San Sebastian has it all, beauty, sea, food and culture. And then there is the weather, nice and warm, even at it’s cold days

The city has some different beaches, and Zurriola Beach is for everyone who likes to surf. All over town you see people walking around with their surfboards on their way to or from the beach. And several thousands of people come from all over the world to surf here!74179548_10157656528466322_983125044915863552_n.jpg

The city lays on the coast of Bay of Biscay and is situated just 20 km from the French border. The city is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Spain even if it is pretty small. The combinations of shopping and swimming is just perfect!As well as San Sebastian Gastronomika there is also a Film Festival every year and a Jazz Festival!

The town itself is at least from 1014, but they have found carved stone pieces that dates back to 24.000 to 22.000 BC!There is a beach were people write messages, and draw. Really nice to look at from the beach walk above. As well as beautiful lush parks where you can relax for a while.

You have the Old Town that probably is the most visited place i town, and it is the second oldest place in town. The oldest part is Antiguo that lies by Mount Urgull. The Old City is packed with places to eat pinxtos, shopping and bars.

I went her by plane to Bilbao, and then a with car to San Sebastian. There is an airport in San Sebastian too, but it didn’t fit with my plane from Stockholm.

Would I go back? I would love to! This city has so much to offer.74701658_10157656528216322_4944304920237965312_n.jpg


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  • Bryan Burt 5 november, 2019 at 07:18 Reply

    Surfing and a Jazz festival that is my kind of town and I bet the food is devine….thanks for sharing.


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