Magic dinner at Twins Garden in Moscow

A dinner at Twins Garden is nothing like what I expected. The identical twin brothers Ivan and Sergey Berezutskiy is creating food that is very Russian, and still not. Before going to Russia I was thinking about Borscht just like everyone else going to Russia, but I did know that it was not the case as they are the 19th best restaurant in the World according to this years 50 best restaurants in the world! And little did I know that the most Russian food I would eat at the restaurant would look like water but have the taste of the russian kitchen. They are influenced from Russia, but they have also taken influence from their previous experiences. Ivan has worked at El Bulli and at El Celler de Can Roca. Sergey has worked at Alinea in Chicago and he won the San Pellegrino Young Chef Competition in 2013. That is also the reason to that they open their first Twins restaurant as they made a deal about opening a restaurant if Sergey won the competition.The brothers have their own farm outside Moscow where they produce most of what is used at the restaurant. And their leftovers are sent back to their farm to feed the animals. At their farm they really take care of every little detail, from what water they use, the soil and what the animals eat. As passionate they are about food and wine, as passionate they are about experimenting. They serve some amazing wines except the normal wines. They are experimenting with vegetable drinks and I tried out some Beetroot beer, Bell pepper wine, carrot wine and many more. Ivan explained for me that they have to try out a lot of different ways to create the wines before they succeed. The wines are served with their Vegetable menu. As well as an vegetable menu there is a Gastronomic Set Menue. When you go for the Gastronomic Set menu you are in for an excursion at the restaurant. And their experimental lab is really exciting. You can try out water dishes. They look like water but tastes of Russian herbs for example.

For being a restaurant in this class, the price is really low.(at least if you compare to Sweden) The vegetable menu is 6500 Ruble (92 Euro)  and the Gastronomic menu 8000 Ruble (112 Euro) Another possibility is to order a’la carte. But I strongly advise you to go for a menu. It is amazing!

Grape leaf kebab
Fried zucchini flower infused with sea urchin, stuffed with mushrooms and the twins own honey from their farm outside Moscow
Potato mozzarella with dandelion buds.
Inspiration by their kitchen, it represents their farm.
They love mushrooms, and this is just to give people about how it is at their farm.
Water, nope!!
A vegetable sweet tree as dessert at Twins Garden, Beetroot and black currant marmalade, ginger and eggplant jam candy with chocolate, cauliflower and hazelnut, red carrot and sea buckthorn macaroon, green pea, lime and mint macaroon and a corn and passion fruit marshmallow.

This was extra amazing: Pickled tomato, white chocolate mousse and tarragon sorbet.
And having dinner with this gang was fun! Joris and Yacha from Restaurant Rijks in Amsterdam, Oriol from Disfrutar in Barcelona, Susana a super star in the restaurant business, Micha from Maido in Peru and Giulio from Disfrutar.

So as well as teaching Russia’s future chefs about gastronomy for free with their Twins Science, they also donate money to charity. For me they are passionate humble super heroes! And I hope to see you again!


Twins Garden

Strasnoy Blvd 8a, Moscow

To reserve a table, write to theur Instagram.


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