Restaurant Jebena

Food from Eritrea at today’s lunch with Food Tours Blue Line Suburbia. It is located at Rådhusets tube station in Stockholm. We had a big tray of different food to share.

You eat the food with a traditional Ethiopian / Eritrean bread called Teff Injera, and there is a gluten free version too. The bread is like a sponge pancake, and you scoop up the food with it. It’s traditionally baked with the grain teff.

We had Beb´Ainetu with different kinds off food like hamli (sautéd greens), Timtimo (red lentils), potatoes and greens with some sauce, and lot’s of other things.

With that we had Mestej, (Mes or Tej) And it is a is a mead or honey wine made out of fermented honey, and it is thought to be the oldest form of alcohol known.

In Ethiopia can you find Tej houses to drink it, but most people make their own Tej. In ancient times MesTej was only served to kings and queens.

You normally drink it out of a berele, which looks like a vase. And if your at a Ethiopian restaurant, just ask for some Tej Bet. Then you get the restaurants House Tej. And the taste always depends on what honey that is used to make it;)In the end we tried some traditional coffee, that they make from scratch at the restaurant. Interesting, but I am more a latte person😉



112 25 Stockholm

T- Rådhuset



08-650 42 50

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  • ceridwensilverhart 19 november, 2019 at 06:05 Reply

    I used to have teff as a breakfast cereal as a kid, but I didn’t know it could be made into a bread! Interesting!


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