Christian André Pettersen

Your favorite raw produce?
– King crab, lemon and ginger.

Is there some food you don’t like?
– I don’t like surströmming very much. (Surströmming is a fermented lightly salted, smelly herring.)

Do you use Cook books??
– Not very often, But I read them and get inspired by reading them And then I combine my own recipes with my choice of components.

What the of food do you cook at home?
– I cook a lot of Asian food, and classic Norwegian food.

How come you decided to become a chef?
– My father was a chef, so I was sort of born into this. And the last thing I promised him before he died was that I should do well in Bocuse d’Or.

Your favorite food country?
– Japan.

What inspires you?
– By nature, art and design.

Your favorite kitchen tool?
– Mortar and Microplane zester.

A memorable food memory?
– I never forget when I had newly caught cod with my dad at the boat outside Lofoten.

What do you want to do after Bocuse d’Or?
– That is when the dream starts!

Interview and photo by Malin Nordblom

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