Vallisaari Island

Just a short boat ride from Helsinki and you end up at this peaceful beautiful island. The island used to keep all the ammunition for the army in the old days. The island has always played an important role for the Finnish, Russian and Swedish naval defence in the old days. The island is full of old buildings, and this summer the buildings will be filled with music and art during the Helsinki Biennale. And sustainable food of course! And I must say that I am happy to see that everyone today can enjoy this pretty island. And I can’t wait to see what will happen here next year during the Biennale. The island is home to around 1000 species of butterfly and moth, different kinds of bats and some other animals. The island also holds more than 400 plant species. And as you are not allowed to walk everywhere, the nature will continue to be as rich as it is! Imagine this with some cool paintings, or why not some performance.. Don’t forget to bring some swim clothes, I did. There is many opportunities for a swim in the beautiful sea!

A little word of advice, stay at the trails. Respect the nature and keep this islands all wild life intact!

Vallisaari and Kuninkaansaari are located in Helsinki, next to the Suomenlinna sea fortress, 20 minutes by boat from the Market Square. A water bus will take you to Vallisaari, from where you can walk over to Kuninkaansaari along a neck of land, much like a breakwater.

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