Leonor Espinosa

What is most important to you when preparing Colombian food?

-I want to show off how rich Colombian cuisine is. Food is an art form for me. I want to showcase our culture, history and tastes.

Are there many female chefs in Colombia?

– There is a difference between home and restaurants. In the homes, there are women who cook, in restaurants often men. But now many women want to go back into the kitchens in the restaurants! However, I do not want to think about whether you are a woman or a man when cooking.

Do you think about the environment and climate when choosing raw materials?

-I always think about it. Many harvests aggressively. If I notice that farmers and fishermen are not working well, I talk to them about how important it is to take care of the environment. I only use Colombian raw materials.

Are you trying to make use of the whole raw material?

-In Colombia, it is natural to use everything because it is a poor country. And what remains is you feed the animals with.

Is there a greater interest in training as a chef in Colombia today?

-Both in Colombia, Mexico and Chile it is a trend to educate as a chef today. However, many do not think that it is a tough job, they just want to be cool. And many younger teeth are not on the traditional kitchen either.

How do you get new dishes?

-It’s just like when I create art. How to make people feel tastes and emotions. I want to show food from different social groups in society. You could say I cook a bit politically.

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      1. I love your blog. I am a foodie, my whole family are foodies. I was a professional cook back in the day (not a chef – not trained) had my own business.

      2. I know I’ve seen your blog it’s great. I can’t cook anymore due to my disability but I really miss it, it was a huge part of my life. Still love reading about it though, specially from other countries