Svinkløv Bath Hotel

Svinkløv Bath Hotel is runned by the Bocuse d’Or winner Kenneth Toft-Hansen and his wife Louise. It is located just by a stunningly beautiful Danish beach, and the hotel is finally rebuilt again after the fire in 2016 when it burnt down to the ground. I did not have the pleasure to visit before it burnt down. But apparently it looks exactly the same as before, you could never believe that this was just built. The materials they have used are solid, and it is wood everywhere. Painted in white and grey, and you get this feeling of calm when you enter Svinkløv.

The beds are very comfortable!

The room has a classic Scandinavian seaside look. And you just feel like you never want to leave, but then you look out. And you just wanna run down to the beautiful beach and have a swim. You can borrow bathrobes at the hotel.

I really appreciate a nice bathroom, and every little detail is well thought of at Svinkløv. Even the soaps are made in a sustainable way.

This is one of the best places I ever been to. Thank you for a great experience!

Svinkløv Badehotel

Svinkløvvej 593


9690 Fjerritslev

Walk down and take a swim before dinner!

Text and photo Malin Nordblom

Fab Foodie Swede

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Tivoli in Copenhagen

Tivoli is located just opposite Copenhagen train station. It is literally just 20 meters to the entrance!
Tivoli dates back to 1843 when Georg Carstensen was granted permission to open Tivoli Gardens by the king. He had taken inspiration from abroad, and the guests loved the exotic gardens. One of the rollercoasters at Tivoli dates back to 1914 and is one of the worlds oldest rollercoasters! Another interesting fact is that Walt Disney visited Tivoli several times for inspiration before opening up the original Disneyland in 1955.

I visited the 83000 square meter park to eat and let the kids go on the rides this time. And to enjoy their Halloween celebration. A big plus here is that they have really high class restaurants here too, so you can actually enjoy what you eat! Today we ate Italian food at Mazzolis. Good pizza, charcuterie, risotto etc. It was actually all good except their Arancini. They didn’t do it for me.. And a must if you like pastry is to have some nice pastries at Cagenhagen! They are great! The place is full of rides, shops and food in all different categories. And they are famous for their concerts and shows!

Text and photo Malin Nordblom

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Kokkedal Castle

I checked in at Kokkedal Castle half an hour from Copenhagen when I went to celebrate one of my best friends birthday.
The Hotel was first built 1746, but only the cellar is left from that time today. It was rebuilt 1864, and has been a hotel since 2011 when they totally renovated the place first.I lived in the one of the old buildings beside and the room was nice. We weren’t informed that we were going to live there, and had booked a room at the castle. So that was a bit disappointing. Everything was really pretty here, but there was actually another problem too.. The AC made a very big noise every 20 minutes the whole night. So unfortunately I didn’t get much sleep. We had a discount when checking out, but that didn’t really help actually. (And as it was 35 C in the room we needed the AC on) I don’t like complaining on things, but this was a real downer! The area is fantastic, you can play boule, Crockett, borrow bikes or just stroll around. Or why not just relax a bit..The Breakfast was really great, the service was on top and their scrambled eggs were just like I want them! And I really recommend a visit, but ask about the AC when you book…

Kokkedal Allé, 62970 Hørsholm, Denmark

Phone +45 44 22 80 00

Kokkedal Castle

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Strandingmuseum St George

A museum that is telling you everything about the shipwrecks at the coast of West Jutland, and the stories around it at land.
The anchor above was cast from St George to avoid propulsion towards the Danish West Coast a Christmas Eve morning 1811. But it didn’t work as the anchor cables snapped and the anchor disappeared into the sea! But 182 years later the 4 ton anchor was caught in a net by skipper Vagn Thygeson when he was fishing prawns. The inscriptions and the arrow disclosed that the anchor came from HMS St George that originally came from Portsmouth. HMS St George was one of the biggest warships in the Royal Navy at that time!Another fascinating find was all the porcelain that they found when some Danish divers started to salvaging artefacts. I got stuck looking at all the old porcelain for a really long time. Trying to imagine how it was at the ship at that time.

The crystal chandelier was bought in Sweden and destined for someones home in England. 

The lost rudder is also at display, they have built the museum so that it can fit in! It is an impressive 12 meters tall and weighs over 5 tons. All the exhibitions at museum contains so much interesting material and remnants from the ship. There are technological stations and lots of different exhibitions to activate your senses. 
At the top of the museum there is a tower where you’ll get a view over the harbor and the North Sea. I had a guided tour, and I would recommend that as then you really get all the stories and facts.
The newly renovated museum was designed by Frank Maali and Gemma Lalanda from Copenhagen and opened up to the public in 2017.Photo of the museum: Colin Seymour

Strandingsmuseum St. George
Vesterhavsgade 1E, Thorsminde, Denmark

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Thorupstrand at Jutland

Sustainable fishing is there any thing like that?

I learned a lot during a visit to Thorupstrand at the Danish West Coast. Things I never thought about very much before. Like the importance of sustainable fishing, the way they fish here is close to the most original way to fishing there is. It is way better than when they use big ships that takes up everything in their way.

At Thorupstrand most fishing boats are owned by the community. In 2006 the quotas of fishing boats were assigned by the Danish state. The quotas were given to the fishermen based on their catch the current year. After that there was a hard time for fishers all over Denmark as they always had split the income from the catch in the past. When they changed the quotas everything changed so that only some fishers owned the boats, and others became employees and didn’t earn as much as before. As it was hard to come by these quotas, they were sold to a very high price. At this time the fishers in Thorupstrand decided to start a guild to make sure that everyone had the possibility to fish and earn money just like before. So now every fisher in the community decides every year how much he wants to fish, and pays just for the quotas he wants to use. There are in-between 120-150 persons that are working to take up the fish, and they work in total 20 persons at a time. All the fish goes on a cool line to stay fresh. Tina Andersen is the only female fisher at Thorupstrand. She owns a boat with her husband. As well as a fisher woman she is also a talented elite runner! Meeting her I felt so lazy! As well as fishing boats at the beach, you can go there to swim or have an ice cream up the road. The place looks like a pretty painting! Pipsen brought me along to Han Herred Havbåde. It is an association that both builds ships, and a coast cultural centre. The 140 volunteers can use the boats.

It takes 1,5 year to build a ship and costs about 7 million Danish kroner. If you already have a steering hut and some other parts then you land on 5 Million Danish kroner. It might sound a lot, but a boat can be used for 30-40 years!

To build new boats they use oak tree as it is sustainable, and you can renew pieces if it is needed. An amazing 5500 bolts are used for one boat! They are open to the public every now and then, email for the opening hours.

Slettestrandvej 160-162
9690 Fjerritslev

Text and photo Malin Nordblom

Fab Foodie Swede

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Madbar in Hanstholm at the Danish West Coast

There are places where it feels like you have been there before, Madbar is one of them.
People advised Louise Möller to not open an restaurant at this location. Not sure why, because they have this million dollar view with an front ocean view and then they have Louise. She is running the place with lot’s of passion and she is cooking, playing music at an old record player and is super chatty. We also found out that we have a common friend! Madbar was a success from day 1 so they decided to open aother place, Agger Darling. Hanstholm Madbar have now been open for 2 years, and everyone just loves this place. The seafood is simple and tasty! No fuss, all cooked with love! Another plus is that they only serve local beers, I like to keep things local. They actually cook everthing except the fries, rye bread and burgers at Madbar! 

We wen’t for a seafood lunch at Madbar, and it was just right! None of us wanted to leave! Here is a flounder with a homemade tartar mayonnaise and Caviart made from seaweed. If you go here, try this! And then a classic Moules Frites with aioli and french fries. I also had a fab ceviche with squids, shallots, red pepper and coriander, you can see it at the top picture. The funny thing is that they thought they were not going to sell any mussels here. But in the first 8 months they were open they actually sold 2 tons of them!!

Their record collection is epic for ab old DJ as me:)


So what else, oh yes there is more about this place… You can also spend the night here. There is rooms, and even small apartments that you can rent. Some of them are facing the ocean. 61748737_10157246333701322_7688720131106537472_n.jpg


Hanstholm Madbar

Helshagvej 98

7730 Hanstholm


Thank you Lousie! I will try out Agger Darling the next time:) 

Bild och text  © Malin Nordblom

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Kommandobroen by Grantland

Another magic place at the Danish West Coast by Michael Grantland, one of Denmark’s top chefs. He started the restaurant in 2016 with his fiancé Louise just by the lively harbour in Hvide Sande. Michael has worked at several top restaurants in Denmark and Norway. He has also been competing and won both gold, silver and bronze in several competitions, for example gold and silver in Erfurt 2011/2012! Läs mer

Oysters, seals and champagne!!

So what do they have in common you may ask me.. I went on a Seal safari tour at Limfjorden at the Danish West Coast, and got to experience all of it in one trip! First of all we found some seagull eggs. We didn’t pick them, but it is a delicacy according to many. The egg yolk is much darker in colour, and they are very good as scrambled eggs. But at this tour we were looking for oysters by the reef. And we found some really nice oysters! And they were super delish! Chresten opened them for us. And we had them Chrester’s way with some winegar and lemon, and straight. The Danish oysters are very sought after, and most of them are exported! The water is so clean and beautiful.

Michael treated us with some champagne to go with the oysters!

Sitting on a boat at Limfjorden with a glass of bubbles and eating oysters is one of these really extraordinary experiences. And then listening to Chrester and Michael telling you about the seals, crayfish and everything you can find at the beautiful Danish West Coast. And then we took of to see if there was any luck with the cages they had thrown in the day before. And we found some nice crayfish, crabs and little fish. The smaller crayfish and fish we threw back into the sea again. We only needed a few for the dinner in the evening.

Brave Colin still has all his fingers left;)

We also saw a lot of grey seals, which can weigh up to 300 kilos! They were swimming towards us, and they so beautiful! Unfortunately I didn’t catch them on a picture. Battery was out…

If you want to book a seal safari or pick some oysters, here is the link.

Jyllands Akvariet

Chrester and Michael are taking care of all boat tours. And their knowledge about the sea and wildlife in this area is enormous.

Strandhotellet i Blokhus

The Beach Hotel in the little seaside town offers both a fantastic beach by Vesterhavet, and a great hotel with a fantastic Sunday brunch. It’s hard to believe that the hotel just opened in 2017! The hotel was built in an old traditional classic Danish bath hotel style. And you have wooden panels, nice classic colours, and spacious nice rooms. All matched with stylish design classics all over the hotel.

I had their Sunday brunch at their restaurant Blå (Blue) when I was there. And they covered all the classic foods in the that you should have at an buffet! Herring (like at the first picture) , salmon, different kinds of cold and warm meat, cheese, cakes etc.. The kitchen serve Danish French cuisine when they are not serving brunch on Sundays.

Strandhotellet Blokhus , Sønder i By 2, 9492 Blokhus   . +45 70 26 00 15

So the small seaside beach town Blokhus has a fantastic white beach. Perfect for swimming,nice walks and if you want to buy some fresh fish then you might be lucky and meet one of the fishermen from Blokhus selling their newly caught fish down at the beach. They might have some plaice, crab, turbot..

Blokhus has a descent amount of nice shops, restaurants and bakery’s. It’s a great place to stay for a few days. And it only takes half an hour from Aalborg by car.

By Malin Nordblom

Instagram @fabfoodieswede



There is a market in Copenhagen that is not like other markets. It’s a bit better, cosier, more luxurious.. Well, I like it. Except the thing that you shouldn’t aim for having lunch there in the weekends. Because it’s packed!

It doesn’t look much from the outside, but there are two buildings and there is a flower market in between them! Läs mer