One of my favourite places in Stockholm is Eat Market and veranda. It’s located in the MOOD galleria. And during the warmer months you can choose to sit outside having a drink while eating some spring rolls, dumplings or something else. For me, this is a touch of Shanghai in Sweden.

Ulriksdals Värdshus

It’s situated just by Edsviken in Solna.And this classical place has one of the most beautiful locations in Stockholm. The food is excellent, and you can find all the the Swedish food here! Like herring, salmon, meatballs.. But also great international food.

Ulriksdals Slottspark
170 79 Solna
Tel 08-850815

Some history about Ulriksdals Värdshus, and it all comes from the Inn.

Ulriksdals castle was built around 1640 by Marshal of the Realm, Jakob de la Gardie and was named Jakobsdal. In the year of 1669 the castle was purchased by Karl XI:s mother, queen dowager Hedvig Eleonora. She gave it to her newborn grandson Prince Ulrik in 1684, so the castle gained its present name. Sadly enough the little Prince died only a year old. The castle has been residence for several Kings. Karl XV and his jolly friends often amused themselves with parties, boat trips and hunting pheasants at Ulriksdal.

However; it hasn’t been only Royalties enjoying Ulriksdal. Already in the 17th century, peasants were able to clear their throats here as they travelled around trying to sell their crop. This first known Inn was located in the mounteneers house, built in 1671, later known as Confidencen.

The Inn was also a popular meeting point for the 18th century’s inhabitants of Stockholm. Carl-Mikael Bellman, a well-known troubadour, often visited the Inn, which at this time was accommodated in a wooden house, now known as “Ottilielund”. He even wrote about Ulriksdal in his ballads about good food and drinks.

The Maid Wahlquist, who managed the Inn 1855, got worried as she no longer was allowed to serve alcoholic beverages. She was limited to run a so-called temperance movement. A few years later ” Ottilielund” was turned into a dwelling and the Inn moved back to “Confidencen”.

This stone-built house was not appropriate to run as an Inn, so the new manager; A G Carlsson, applied to the Governor year 1867 asking for permission to build a completely new building. On the 13th of November 1868, his request was granted. Though he committed himself to always, at low prices, be prepared to serve warm and cold food and drinks to the posted militaries and the staff of His Royal Highness.


Nū, by Sayan Isaksson

Sayan is a Swedish Guide Michelin chef that has paired up with the Swedish restaurant entrepreneur Ricard Constantinou and the designer Lina Öhlund. Together they have started a great fast food place with the most delicious healthy food. It’s located at Teatern, Ringen in Stockholm.

You find KFC, Korean fried chicken, that has no comparison to the other KFC. Korean tacos, salads etc.. The food is finger licking good!!

Vassa Eggen


Vassa Eggen in Stockholm is a really nice place, that sort of always been there. It’s situated at a prime location at Birger Jarlsgatan 29. The food is great, the drinks are fabulous and you have to try the “Frida’s lemoncake” . It’s so good!! They also have a fantastic sommelier, Jon. He can come up with the most fantastic wine.

Vassa Eggen
Birger Jarlsgatan 29 · 111 45 STOCKHOLM

Phone: 08-21 61 69