The Old Jim Thompson house

He ended up in Bangkok during the Second World War. After his discharge 1946 he returned to the city that he had started to like.

And he then built a beautiful house where he lived with 4 helpers.  He then saved Thailand’s vital silk industry from extinction. He disappeared the 26 of March 1967 in the Cameron Highlands, and is one of the most famous mysteries in the region.


Visiting our friends in Bangkok. Day 1, jet lagged but went to the weekend market, Chatuchak with my friend Sara. Bought some really nice things. 

And we had a lunch that was so good!! In section 7, the art area. At the little square, we had a warm pomelo salad with chicken. It was fab!!! Spicy, fresh, and it just tasted so good!! 17A024EE-646C-4684-8513-9E274F5D96DF