Lund, Skåne

I went to Lund,  for short stopover.  I went to the best hairdresser in the word Jenny my old childhood friend, and then I  had dinner with my brother and his family and my dad and Eva.  I took beautiful walk  through Lund,  and went into Grand hotel and at Stortorget (the big  square)  had a fake igloo where you can go in relax.  I stayed the night at some friends please,and me and Charlotte had a long nice breakfast before I went back to Stockholm.

Street food

Everywhere in China can you find street food. Some dishes might be strange if your not used to them. But there is so much good food to find. Like sweet potatoes, Jianbing (like sort of a pancake with egg, oil, spring onion..), Chinese buns, food on a stick.. There is just so much to try! I’ve tried so much really nice food, and some really terrible.. When I first moved to Shanghai, then all I talked to my Chinese neighbours about was food. What had I been eating today, what would I eat next. And it is sort of the same when I’m down in our summer house in southern Sweden. A lot of talk about food… I like it!

Celebrating my pappa turning 75!!




Me and E went down to Lund to celebrate my dad. Unfortunately M was sick so the boys had to stay at home.

The rain poured down the whole Saturday, but I had lunch with my friend Charlotte and E spent the day with my dad, Eva and Freja her sort of cousine. We ate birthday dinner at Klostergatan’s Vin Och Delikatess. I had fillet of steak with sauce bearnaise and the steak was perfect! We then had the birthday cake at home, Schwarzwald cake. One of my favourites!


My local farmer

He is just down the road from my summer house. Or not really, it takes 25 minutes on my bicycle to bike there.

I can buy locally grown veggies and eggs from his farm. Everything is just laying there, out on some tables. So I pick out everything I need,  and then I just put the money in a box for him.

The other day I bought my vegetables in the supermarket, and they don’t smell or taste anything like my farmers veggies.

I’m gonna miss this a lot when I get back to the city.



So close to our summer house we have a restaurant / hotel called Talldungen. And it feels like your in Italy or France when you get there. I was there a few weeks ago, and this time I went with there with my husband and some friends for our yearly visit.

The food was absolutely great, and so was my prosecco.

We started off with some different starters, my favourite was goat cheese with onion and hazelnuts sprinkled with olive oil and red vinegar.

For main course we all choose the cod with chanterelles and broccoli. It was absolutely delicious!

And I had a very nice lemon posset for dessert.