My way to make a Limonana (Middle Eastern Frozen Mint Lemonade, or Dubai Lemonade) And there is probably plenty of other names to it! Anyway, after nearly moving to Dubai plenty of times and several long visits. I’m hooked on this myntha lemon drink. And I have been for like 20 years.. (OMG)


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Green and Safe

A lot to choose from. I picked a plate with 3 different salads. So you can choose from around 10 different salads, either a big plate or 3 different. And a home made lemonade, wich is really good here. We were lucky to get some of the few seats outside. Where you can look at everything going on at Dong Ping Lu.

6 Dongping Lu,
near Hengshan Lu
东平路6号, 近衡山路