Eriks Basar

Restaurangen har tyvärr stängt. Anna Lallerstedt is running this classy, jet relaxed restaurant in Stockholm. There is a big beautiful dining room where you can have a nice meal. And then you have the “bar” area where you can eat breakfast, lunch and easier food. Anna Lallerstedt and Håkan Carlsson Either is a good choice! … Fortsätt läsa Eriks Basar

Monkey 47

Some more pictures from the beautiful distillery of Monkey 47. Hidden away in the Black Forest in Germany, you find the most beautiful distillery. Monkey 47 that is. When you go there you have no clue as you follow the little roads leading to this fantastic place!( by appointment only!) The Monkey 47 gin is … Fortsätt läsa Monkey 47


A must if your in Stockholm! They serve both Swedish classics, and the best mexican food in town! Kajsa that runs the place runned restaurants in Mexico for 5 years. Their location couldn’t be better, at the little island Skeppsholmen in central Stockholm. A must is to order a cocktail, Bella is making the most … Fortsätt läsa Torpedverkstan

Midsummer in Sweden

Today we are celebrating midsummer in Sweden, wich is as important as Christmas! It’s the longest day of the year. Nearly no night at all. So we are starting off with some herring, new potatoes, some greens. And we sing, and drink schnapps. 🤪 In the afternoon we are dancing around a midsummer pole, that … Fortsätt läsa Midsummer in Sweden

Urban Deli

So a juicy vegan burger, can it really be nice? Yes! It was totally awesome. It felt like a burger, but it was vegan. I could totally fool someone that this was a hamburger! They serve 3 different versions of the burger. And they were all good! And their vegan cheese was really nice too! … Fortsätt läsa Urban Deli

OBH Nordica

Chef Sanny Lind were cooking an amazingly nice lunch today at the OBH Nordica luncheon. We had tomato risotto, scallops, chicken and for dessert a vanilla panacotta. He had use the OBH Nordica sous vide machine for the veggies and the chicken. And he had used the OBH Nordica actifryer for the chocolate at the … Fortsätt läsa OBH Nordica


Waipo är en kinesisk fusion restaurang som ligger i MOOD gallerian i Stockholm. Många av rätterna som serveras är kinesiska eller har en kinesisk touch. Helst beställer du in många rätter precis som i Kina och delar på dem, och på det viset får ni uppleva fler rätter. Men det beror ju på vad ni … Fortsätt läsa Waipo

Smaka på Stockholm

Jag, Saori och Rebecka The big Swedish food festival in Stockholm is now on, until Sunday the 10th of June. Lots of famous restaurants, food trucks, cook along, concerts... Here a porchetta from Mama, and some saempi food! You find food from all of Sweden, in Stockholm! And you might add some kg’s.. Have fun! … Fortsätt läsa Smaka på Stockholm

German wines

  Wines of Germany invited me to Riesling Week. And Germany is somehow a bit forgotten, even if They are a really big wine country. I will show you some of my favourites: The white was really good!! And the beerenauslese is perfect for desserts or just after a good meal. It’s all eco from Sybille … Fortsätt läsa German wines

Ulriksdals Värdshus

It’s situated just by Edsviken in Solna.And this classical place has one of the most beautiful locations in Stockholm. The food is excellent, and you can find all the the Swedish food here! Like herring, salmon, meatballs.. But also great international food. Ulriksdals Slottspark 170 79 Solna Tel 08-850815 Some history about Ulriksdals Värdshus, … Fortsätt läsa Ulriksdals Värdshus

Nū, by Sayan Isaksson

Sayan is a Swedish Guide Michelin chef that has paired up with the Swedish restaurant entrepreneur Ricard Constantinou and the designer Lina Öhlund. Together they have started a great fast food place with the most delicious healthy food. It’s located at Teatern, Ringen in Stockholm. You find KFC, Korean fried chicken, that has no comparison … Fortsätt läsa Nū, by Sayan Isaksson

Bocuse d’Or

So Sebastian Gibrand and his team is representing Sweden the 11-12 th of June. I had the luck to try out his food yesterday at Ulriksdals Värdshus. Obviously no photos are allowed to be displayed until the 12th. But both the display of the food, and the food were amazing! And Ulriksdals is such a … Fortsätt läsa Bocuse d’Or

Vassa Eggen

Vassa Eggen in Stockholm is a really nice place, that sort of always been there. It’s situated at a prime location at Birger Jarlsgatan 29. The food is great, the drinks are fabulous and you have to try the “Frida’s lemoncake” . It’s so good!! They also have a fantastic sommelier, Jon. He can come … Fortsätt läsa Vassa Eggen


Brochet vinprovning med Frederic Brochet på La Cornue’s show room i Stockholm. Brochet är en favorit, så jag njöt väldigt av mat ch dryckeskombinationerna! Deras dessertvin, Quartz de Chaume Grand Cru är nog ett av de godaste dessertvinerna jag har smakat. Smaken satt kvar när jag cyklade hem mot Lidingö igen. Den bärnstensfärgade drycken är … Fortsätt läsa Brochet

Prince Eugen’s Waldemarsudde

Ett av Stockholms vackraste museum, Prins Eugens gamla bostad på Djurgården i Stockholm. Palatset byggdes 1905 och var designat av Ferdinand Boberg. 1913 byggdes galleriet, och det är alltid intressant att se utställningarna där. Prins Eugen var både en samlare och konstnär, och jag önskar att jag hade upplevt hur det var att besöka honom … Fortsätt läsa Prince Eugen’s Waldemarsudde

At a rooftop in Stockholm

With an amazing view at Stockholm’s new rooftop terrace you will find 3 bars, restaurants etc... Mega cool! This is the place for these magic summer nights! And they will have a ceiling in the winter;) Petter Stordalen have done it again!! Adress; Brunkebergstorg 2-4


In Sweden we celebrated Walpurgis night yesterday. So all the witches are gone;) But nowadays it’s more to celebrate that spring is here! We start of with a nice dinner, last night with some friends from Sweden and France. Our friends had so much food. It was a great night! And the bonfire was so beautiful … Fortsätt läsa Valborg