This amazing place is like traveling back in time. Operakällaren started off in 1787 in the basement of the old opera house that king Gustaf III had built a few years before.

They even have their own champagne together with the Jacquart champagne house!

When they then built a new opera house the restaurant changed into more fine dining. The only thing left of the old restaurant today is some old wall panels.

In 1905 they also opened up a bar, and during the years things has changed a bit.

I remember when I first started to go there, then mainly night time having cocktails.

Today I’m more for the food and a few nice drinks;)

It’s a very beautiful place, and a must for everyone going to Stockholm!


Beyond Burger

If that’s what you want then you find it at two places in Sweden!

The first one is Phil’s Burger that has several locations in the Stockholm area.

Phil’s is a really nice hamburger place with great burgers.

You can find the locations here:


The other place is at Scandic Hotels, and they will serve it at all their hotels that has a kitchen!!

You find the Scandic here;


So Beyond Burger is really here now!!

Picture : Malin Nordblom


If you want a cozy restaurant this is the place. L’Avventura is located in an old cinema from the 1920s. The wall paintings and deco is all original by Nils Asplund, Jöns Thulin and Augusto Conte. The food is Italian, and if you go there you gotta get the fried truffle risotto bowls, and the stracciatella is amazing! And…. the truffle pasta, and…. we’ll go there and try it for yourself!

From the left Francesco, Susanne, Johan, Me;), Lars and Anders.


Sveavägen 77

111 43 Stockholm

08-519 422 74

Logroño in Spain

A tapas night in scenic Logroño is a very relaxed thing. You can go between places, order tapas and drink some cava and wine.

So we started off with some Campo Viejo Cava, some nice ham and piparras. That sort of started off the evening very nice;)

At the next place we had tomato salad and a nice Rioja. We stood out at the street eating, drinking and just enjoyed ourselves!

And then some calamares and sepia. And some more Rioja;)

The sepia was the best ever! Loved it!

We ended the night at a really nice place (2 forks) with some beautiful Rioja from Campo Viejo and some tasty Cecina (from de León)

We also had some dessert, but I didn’t manage to take a picture..

Daniel Berlin

Garden zucchini, rhubarb and baked corn, and Quail’s egg, lardo from Linderröd’s pig, local mustard and cream wheat.

In the small village of Skåne Tranås in southern Sweden you find a 2 star Michelin restaurant called Daniel Berlin. I had the luck to eat there twice so far, and more times will follow.

Me and Daniel

The restaurant itself is housed in an old house, and is totally renovated to become a very inviting jet a relaxing atmosphere. And everyone working there is very service minded. Me, well I can sometimes be picky with food. But I like everything here. And it helps that it’s only a 15 minute drive from our summer house.

One of my absolute favourites at Daniel Berlin! Pike perch in seaweed, dill & peas.
Salted dried egg white, caramelized rosemary and frozen yoghurt. And chocolate from Tanzania. A very special dessert, which I love!!


Daniel Berlin Krog
Diligensvägen 21
273 92 Skåne Tranås
+46 (0) 417- 20300



E4A79D4A-F561-4A71-93C9-0F9116347F48.jpegI found a little gem in Simrishamn today. A small place called Quartey’s, where they make the most delicious fillos. They had other options too, but I went for fillos with a salad. They were filled with a mature cheese, chilli, oats and spinach. I’ve had many in my days, but these were perfect! They even made my favourite drink myntha / lime. And it was as good as mine! 😃😉 So go to little picturesque Simrishamn if you are in Skåne. Look at all the amazing buildings, and then have the best fast food there is in town;)

Your welcome!

/Malin – The Fab Foodie Swede😘