Mina barn föredrar hemmalagade kycklingdumplings mot de man köper färdiglagade. Dumplings eller Jiaozi som de säger i Kina, är Kinas motsvarighet till ravioli helt enkelt. Jag lagar kycklingdumplings minst en gång i månaden och då får gärna något av barnen hjälpa till så att jag slipper göra alla själv. ( de är tränade sedan de … Fortsätt läsa Kycklingdumplings

Möller villa

Möller Villa, or Moller Villa as he changed his name has a very fascinating story.. The old magical castle used to belong to the swedish shipping magnate Eric Möller and was ready in 1936. The Möllers were originally from Helsingborg in southern Sweden. Eric Möller was the son of the wealthy businessman Captain Nils Moller … Fortsätt läsa Möller villa

Swedish Pastry Chef of the year

Yesterday Disa Molin won the Swedish Pastry Chef of the year in Stockholm!! It was two very exciting days before they finally decided who would win. Franciane Tartari had an allergic chock, and as fast as she was done she had to be rushed to the hospital. I have never seen anyone be as stubborn … Fortsätt läsa Swedish Pastry Chef of the year


AEG just launched their Mastery Range. There is for example a steam oven, the stoves can feel the size of the pans etc.. Everything that will make it easier to cook. To celebrate they had invited the famous chef Klas Lindberg, and professor Charles Spence. And these two had created a lunch where you dine … Fortsätt läsa AEG

Wines of Germany

I went for a combined wine tasting with some mushroom picking yesterday with Wines of Germany and Neonatur. We tried out some Pinot Noir, and there were some really good ones! Wagner Stempel Pinot Noir Siefersheim was very nice and a favourite, and the spätburgunder Julis was a cheap and very fresh Pinot Noir. And … Fortsätt läsa Wines of Germany


It doesn't look much from the outside, but when you get in there the place looks really cool, And then you see their cakes, so even if you plan to have lunch. Go for a cake too;) And then you walk up the little stairs with your food, or cakes and try them out. Yummy😋⭐️ … Fortsätt läsa Inkognito

Mat and Destillat

One of the best restaurants in Lund. It is situated where there used to be a famous bakery, so it is nice that you still can eat there. A classic restaurant with a French vibe with very stabile good food. The pike perch I had was perfect with the smoked sauce hollandaise and it's grilled … Fortsätt läsa Mat and Destillat

Jazz au vin

Danyel Couet has a new concept every Thursday at his Bar Etable. Once a week they will have a live jazz band, serve wine from the big wine bottle and some food. Relaxed, cosy and a very nice decadent feeling. bottles age more gracefully and just plain better, according to some experts, because they age … Fortsätt läsa Jazz au vin

The italian experience

Went for a italian lunch with  Zonin and Rocca di Montemassi at L'Avventura today with the owner Francesco Zonin. We started out with a nice Zonin Prosecco. And then we started with some antipasti, prosciutto di Parma, Wild boar salami, olive tapenade, parmigiana region and a fennel salad. Combined with a Rocca di Montemassi Calasole Vermentino. … Fortsätt läsa The italian experience


So it was my birthday yesterday. And when my husband asked what I wanted to eat, then I told him that I wanted some of the nice ham and cheese that I brought home from Logrono in Spain. So we just added some shrimps, avocado and some other things. And had a very simple but … Fortsätt läsa Birthday


En annan av mina favoriter i Stockholm är Millesgården på Lidingö. Vackra Millesgården ligger med utsikt över vattnet och var en gång i tiden ett hem för skulptören Carl Milles och hans fru Olga som var målare. Konstnärshemmet ritades av Carl M. Bengtsson och byggdes 1908. 1936 skänkte Carl och Olga Millesgården till det svenska … Fortsätt läsa Millesgården