Danyel Couet’s Allegrine in Stockholm is a ”french” restaurant with a Swedish touch. The name comes from Danyel’s grand mother. And she was a the one that got Danyel interested of food. The interior is spot on perfect. It has a relaxed vibe, but jet everything is just right.

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Enter Sandeman

En god drink innan middagen, eller efter. Jag är väldigt förtjust i Sandeman Port så jag tycker det är roligt att ha det i en drink som Enter Sandeman.

Enter Sandeman ingredienser

  • 2,5 cl Old Invalid Port Sandeman
  • 2,5 cl Brandy
  • 3 cl Hallonsockerlag
  • 3 cl färskpressad citronsaft
  • äggvita
  • och en skvätt champagne att toppa med


  1. Blanda alla ingredienser utom champagnen i en shaker med is.
  2. Sila ner i ett glas.
  3. Toppa med champagne.

Jag blev serverad drinken på enSandeman Porto provning och fick tillåtelse att dela receptet!

Av Malin Nordblom

Fab Foodie Swede

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Moderna museets restaurang

Yesterday I was invited with some others to cook with Malin Söderström, the head chef at The Modern Museum in Stockholm. We got to make the same salad that will be served at Sthlm Food & Wine the 9 – 11 th of November. There will be a Chef’s Restaurant with different famous Swedish chefs cooking. So there will be some pretty amazing food during the fair!

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There is a market in Copenhagen that is not like other markets. It’s a bit better, cosier, more luxurious.. Well, I like it. Except the thing that you shouldn’t aim for having lunch there in the weekends. Because it’s packed!

It doesn’t look much from the outside, but there are two buildings and there is a flower market in between them! Läs mer

The Silo

The Silo is a former grain silo located just by Nordhavn’s waterfront in Copenhagen. And lucky me, my friends live there. So after dinner we just went up there to have some cocktails. And they didn’t disappoint us! But next time I’ve gotta eat there. I know that they have some great chefs there. Both Denny Vangsted and Morten Falk. So the food should hopefully be good.

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At Långängen

I live on an island just outside Stockholm, Lidingö. And one of my favourite spots are this old house called Långängen where they serve a nice brunch and the nicest cakes. The building itself is from 1770. But the first house that was built there were around 1300’s.

For two weeks now has my son been having an internship there, and yesterday I finally had time to visit.

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