Jörgen Nordahl

Buhres at Kivik’s smoke master Jörgen Nordahl is a trained butcher. He has worked at Branteviks bykrog and at Scan in Tomelilla. I asked Jörgen some questions:
What do you prefer, fish or seafood?
– Seafood and preferably sea lobster.
What is your biggest advantage?
– I’m good at smoking seafood!
Is there any food you don’t like?
– Vegetables
You who are surrounded by seafood, how often do you eat meat?
– 2-3 times a week.
What is your favorite food country?
– I think Italian cuisine is the best, and they have some very good fish.
What is your favourite food?
– A cold smoked salmon with cream double.
Do you go fishing?
– I worked as a fisherman, then in the kitchen and now as a smoker. And I fish sometimes.
Which is the best restaurant in Österlen in your opinion (not Buhres then)
– Brantevik’s town nook.
Do You Have Any Good Favorite Food History?
– When you smoke eel and open the smoke in the first turn and see that 3-4 eels trundled down. Expensive history.
What do you prefer to drink with your seafood?
– A cold beer.
What is a must at your your Christmas table?
– Fried herring in vinegar
Interview and photo by Malin Nordblom
Fab Foodie Swede
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