Restaurang Aira i Stockholm blev tilldelade välförtjänta 2 Michelinstjärnor under kvällens prisutdelning i Åbo, Finland. Vi var många som hoppades på detta, och jag personligen tycker att Tommy Myllymäkis restaurang Aira borde ha fått 2 Michelinstjärnor redan innan. Frantzén är fortfarande den enda restaurangen i Sverige med 1 stjärna. Michelin Nordics delade ut 2 stjärnor … Fortsätt läsa MICHELIN NORDICS

Stars Du Nord galamiddag

Jag var på en helt unik galamiddag med Michelin kockar från Sverige, Norge, Danmark, Finland och Island när Stars Du Nord arrangerade sin första galamiddag här i Stockholm. Kockarna som var med var alla stjärnkockar från sina respektive länder, så förväntningen var hög bland gästerna. Men faktum är att de hade ju faktiskt inte lagat … Fortsätt läsa Stars Du Nord galamiddag

Svinklöv Badhotell

Svinklöv Badhotell drivs av Bocuse d’Or vinnaren Kenneth Toft-Hansen och hans fru Louise. Badhotellet ligger precis vid Skagerraks vackra strand. Hotellet brann ner till grunden 2016 och öppnade igen 2019. Jag har tyvärr inte sett hur det ser ut innan branden, förutom på bild. Men det är uppbyggt på samma sätt, och många säger att … Fortsätt läsa Svinklöv Badhotell

Tivoli in Copenhagen

Tivoli is located just opposite Copenhagen train station. It is literally just 20 meters to the entrance! Tivoli dates back to 1843 when Georg Carstensen was granted permission to open Tivoli Gardens by the king. He had taken inspiration from abroad, and the guests loved the exotic gardens. One of the rollercoasters at Tivoli dates … Fortsätt läsa Tivoli in Copenhagen

Kokkedal Castle

I checked in at Kokkedal Castle half an hour from Copenhagen when I went to celebrate one of my best friends birthday.The Hotel was first built 1746, but only the cellar is left from that time today. It was rebuilt 1864, and has been a hotel since 2011 when they totally renovated the place first.I … Fortsätt läsa Kokkedal Castle

Hanstholm Fish Market

Hanstholm Fish Auction is Denmark's largest and it has an annual turnover of approximately 500 million Danish Kroner! I have been to a few fish auctions all over the world, and this is a really big and well organized one. And strangely enough it didn't smell a lot of fish. So they handle up to 450 tons … Fortsätt läsa Hanstholm Fish Market

Hr. Skov

My favourite thing after eating and drinking is to buy food and food related products. At the Danish West Coast there is a fantastic gourmet shop called Hr. Skov. It is a butcher, cafe, delicatessen shop and Liquor shop . All in one! It is the kind of shop that I never want to leave. … Fortsätt läsa Hr. Skov

Strandingmuseum St George

A museum that is telling you everything about the shipwrecks at the coast of West Jutland, and the stories around it at land. The anchor above was cast from St George to avoid propulsion towards the Danish West Coast a Christmas Eve morning 1811. But it didn't work as the anchor cables snapped and the … Fortsätt läsa Strandingmuseum St George

Thorupstrand at Jutland

Sustainable fishing is there any thing like that? I learned a lot during a visit to Thorupstrand at the Danish West Coast. Things I never thought about very much before. Like the importance of sustainable fishing, the way they fish here is close to the most original way to fishing there is. It is way … Fortsätt läsa Thorupstrand at Jutland

Madbar in Hanstholm at the Danish West Coast

There are places where it feels like you have been there before, Madbar is one of them. People advised Louise Möller to not open an restaurant at this location. Not sure why, because they have this million dollar view with an front ocean view and then they have Louise. She is running the place with … Fortsätt läsa Madbar in Hanstholm at the Danish West Coast

Vedersø Klit Badehotel

Located just 200 meters from the beach in Ulfsborg the hotel coulden't have a better location. The Danish West Coast is totally magic, and it is nice to stay so close. The hotel was built in 1927 by Thorvald Nygarrd, an American Dane. It was called Hotel Seattle the first years as Thorvaldsen had spent … Fortsätt läsa Vedersø Klit Badehotel

Kommandobroen by Grantland

Another magic place at the Danish West Coast by Michael Grantland, one of Denmark's top chefs. He started the restaurant in 2016 with his fiancé Louise just by the lively harbour in Hvide Sande. Michael has worked at several top restaurants in Denmark and Norway. He has also been competing and won both gold, silver … Fortsätt läsa Kommandobroen by Grantland

Henne Mølle Å Badehotel

Located by one of Denmark's most fantastic beaches, Henne Beach. The hotel is hidden up in the dunes, located just a short walk from the sea. When you get here you feel the air from the sea. It is so fresh! I just left my things at my room and runned down to the beach … Fortsätt läsa Henne Mølle Å Badehotel

Ostron, sälar och champagne!!

Så vad har de med varandra att göra kanske du undrar. Jag åkte på en tur ut på Limfjorden i Danmark vilket var en magisk upplevelse där natur möter lyx. För visst är det lyx när du kan boka en båt för några timmar eller en dag och både plocka ostron som du sedan äter, … Fortsätt läsa Ostron, sälar och champagne!!

Svinklöv Badhotell – Maten

Uppenbarligen hade jag ju några förväntningar när jag begav mig till Svinklöv Badhotell för att äta, Kenneth är ju trots allt mannen som vann Bocuse d'Or 2019. Men han har ju också gjort klart för alla att han inte lagar mat för att få en Michelin stjärna, utan för att folk ska få njuta av … Fortsätt läsa Svinklöv Badhotell – Maten

Henne Mølle Å Restaurant

You have an option of staying at the hotel, or just go here and eat a fantastic meal after a visit to the breathtaking Henne beach. The restaurant and hotel was designed by Poul Henningsen and he designed a white chair for the restaurant to give it a nice summery mood. And you find his … Fortsätt läsa Henne Mølle Å Restaurant

Tirpitz Museum

One of the best museums I ever been too! When I heard that we were going to visit a Danish War Museum I was not impressed. But I'd love to be surprised and so I was. Thanks Mette and Colin!! The bunker was built during the second world war but it was never finished as … Fortsätt läsa Tirpitz Museum

Strandhotellet i Blokhus

The Beach Hotel in the little seaside town offers both a fantastic beach by Vesterhavet, and a great hotel with a fantastic Sunday brunch. It's hard to believe that the hotel just opened in 2017! The hotel was built in an old traditional classic Danish bath hotel style. And you have wooden panels, nice classic … Fortsätt läsa Strandhotellet i Blokhus

In Aalborg

Or at the AirPort Hotel. The hotel is just a 2 minute walk from the airport! The standard is really good, and they have spacious rooms! Not at all what I expected from an Airport Hotel! Clean rooms with comfortable beds. And a good sized bathroom. And a big plus for the colours! Nice and … Fortsätt läsa In Aalborg

Restaurant Selma

I meet Magnus Pettersson's mother Monica in Stockholm the other week, and promised her to try and visit Magnus restaurant Selma in Copenhagen. The restaurant is recommended by Bib Gourmand / Michelin! So I brought my danish best friends there for lunch. It's a very relaxed atmosphere at the restaurant, even if it was packed … Fortsätt läsa Restaurant Selma