Tirpitz Museum

One of the best museums I ever been too! When I heard that we were going to visit a Danish War Museum I was not impressed. But I’d love to be surprised and so I was. Thanks Mette and Colin!! The bunker was built during the second world war but it was never finished as the war came to an end. Today it is a connected to the new part of the museum with a tunnel. The museum has some very different exhibitions. One is when you sit in the boat above, and you have a 4D theater experience about the different time periods here in the area. That was really impressive!!There is a part where you can see how both civilians and soldiers lived during the war. Very fascinating to see all photos and their belongings.

I think this was the room where a dane lived with a german and got a child. Not so easy in that time..

Amber, both jewelry and other amber artifacts have their own exhibition here. And I found out that I can use an UV lamp to find amber at the beach. Maybe I can find one with a trapped insect just like the one they have on display at the museum. But maybe mine won’t be 40 million years old..

Bjarke Ingels BIG designed the new part of the museum, and to look at the architecture is fascinating! The exhibition is suitable for all ages, and I really recommend this museum!


Tirpitzvej 1
6857 Blåvand

Phone: +45 75 22 08 77





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