Jing An templet i Shanghai

Jing An Templet i Shanghai är ett av de vackraste renoverade templen i Shanghai. När jag flyttade till Shanghai för första gången 2002 så bodde jag fem minuters promenad från Jing An templet. Från början så hette templet Hudu Chongyuan och namnet Jing An kommer från distriktet det ligger i, Jing An. Om du besöker … Fortsätt läsa Jing An templet i Shanghai

Upptäck Shanghai

Bästa sättet att upptäcka ett land är ofta genom maten, och Shanghai är verkligen en stad där mycket handlar om vad du ska äta. I den här Upptäck Shanghai guiden tipsar jag dig om mina favoritställen jag äter på när jag är i Shanghai. Detta är en matguide som jag kommer att uppdatera kontinuerligt. Det … Fortsätt läsa Upptäck Shanghai

Shanghai -The bund

Jag älskar att gå runt och titta på folk, äta, ta en drink och bara njuta när jag är Shanghai. Och ett av ställena jag tar med mig alla besökare till är Shanghai The Bund (eller Wàitān) eftersom där möts gammalt och nytt i en helt underbar harmoni. Det finns massor av ställen att välja … Fortsätt läsa Shanghai -The bund

Baker and Spice

A favourite place of mine when in Shanghai, this is were I buy most of my breakfast breads like Danish Ryebread, sometimes lunch and very often coffee and an almond chocolate croissant. this is also the place where I started to like porridge! I have really disliked it since I was a child and when … Fortsätt läsa Baker and Spice

Ben Jia Bornga Korean barbecue

The best korean barbecue in Shanghai, I've tried others but this is the best according to me! As a starter, and something you eat through out the meal your having small dishes called Banchan. At Ben Jia I normally get white cabbage kimchi, stewed pickled seaweed, potato salad and some others. And then your choice … Fortsätt läsa Ben Jia Bornga Korean barbecue

Chen Xiang Temple in Shanghai

This peaceful little monastery located in the western part of the old city of Shanghai is one of my favourite places to visit. It is famous for its Eaglewood statue of Guan Yin Bodhisattva, and it was first built for more than 400 years ago by emperor Wanly! In 1600 Pan Yunduan the owner of … Fortsätt läsa Chen Xiang Temple in Shanghai

Din Tai Fung

This Taiwanese/Chinese restaurant is addictive! We went for some of my favourites, tossed wild vegetable and beancurd with sesame oil, string bean with minced pork, steamed pork and vegetable dumplings, string beans and spicy wontons. Interesting facts; Founder Yang Bingyi was born in Shanxi, China. But he moved to Taiwan in 1948 as a result … Fortsätt läsa Din Tai Fung

Lost Heaven in Shanghai

Really tasty Yunnan food in Shanghai at Lost Heaven. The interior us inspired by different minority groups in Yunnan. And all the beautiful handicraft work at the restaurant is from some of the different tribes like Na Xi, Miao and Yi people. I really appreciate all of it, and it makes me think about my … Fortsätt läsa Lost Heaven in Shanghai

Breakfast at Equatorial in Shanghai

As I stay at Hotel Equatorial we had our first breakfast here. The Hotel has been here forever and is pretty big so the breakfast room is quite noisy. The buffet is 118 Rmb if you stay at the hotel, and 168 Rmb for walk ins. They serve normal Chinese breakfast. Some good, some not. … Fortsätt läsa Breakfast at Equatorial in Shanghai

Möller villa

Möller Villa, or Moller Villa as he changed his name has a very fascinating story.. The old magical castle used to belong to the swedish shipping magnate Eric Möller and was ready in 1936. The Möllers were originally from Helsingborg in southern Sweden. Eric Möller was the son of the wealthy businessman Captain Nils Moller … Fortsätt läsa Möller villa


My love, My Shanghai...I am fortunate to have lived in this fantastic city twice. It was not easy when I moved into a big old 5 storey lane house in 2002, from a tiny apartment in Stockholm. We lived in an area where there were no foreigners, and my chinese was very poor! I remember … Fortsätt läsa Shanghai

Pain Chaud

Pretty packed little coffee shop, a nice mix of very cool Shanghaiers and expats. Great cappuccino with yummie baguettes. (And yes I had to grab a bite before I took the photo..)  If you are lucky you might get a seat, if not just bring the food. 27 Yong Kang Lu


This beautiful old Art Deco cinema from the 1930s at Huaihai Lu in Shanghai was  designed by Czech architect C.H. Gonda. It opened on January 1, 1932 with the American movie “A Free Soul” starring Norma Shearer. It was renovated in 2003. Unfortunately it is just the outside that is still like before, the rest is … Fortsätt läsa Cathay

Yu garden

Yu Garden was first built in 1559 during the Ming Dynasty. But it took a long time to complete it. It was the largest and most prestigious garden in Shanghai. It’s been damaged a lot several times. And during the first opium war the the British army used the Huxinting Teahouse as a base of … Fortsätt läsa Yu garden

Breakfast time

I love eating breakfast! Here is a a breakfast that started off with Green & Safe’s yoghurt, granola and honey, orange and carrot juice. And then I finished off with a magic bun. Well if you walk all day long, then you deserve a nice bun.  6 Dongping Lu, Shanghai

Street food

Everywhere in China you can find fantastic street food. Some dishes might be strange if your not used to them. But there is so much good food to try out! Like sweet potatoes, Jianbing (like sort of a pancake with egg, oil, spring onion..), Chinese buns, food on a stick.. There is just so much … Fortsätt läsa Street food

Simply Thai

Fish cake, vegetarian spring rolls and chicken. All downed with some Margaritas;)One of my first favourites in Shanghai, and it still tastes as good as it did in the beginning of 2000.  Back then there weren’t that many none Chinese restaurants. So it was always a nice change to eat something different. Even if I … Fortsätt läsa Simply Thai

Hongqiao flower market

The name is very misleading. The market is full of interior design, art, plants, seasonal ornaments, Tea... The list is long. I for example have My favourite place for where I  buy buddhas. But I actually just bought a stone fish this time. For our summer house. This is a more expensive market, because of … Fortsätt läsa Hongqiao flower market

Lunch time

One of the great things in China is that you can get a nice lunch very cheap. Or the other way. I brought my friend to one of my little favourite restaurants, and she liked it. We had chicken, Chili, onion and some other veggies. Nice and tasty. I forgot the name of the restaurant, … Fortsätt läsa Lunch time