Chinese New Year Dinner

Since I moved to China the first time in 2002, Chinese New Year has been a part of my life. And I am a bit sad to confess that we actually celebrate Chinese New Year way more than the other New Year. I am not sure why, we just do. For my kids China will … Fortsätt läsa Chinese New Year Dinner

Celebrating Chinese New Year

I had the honor to get invited to this years New Years Celebration at Grand Hotel in Stockholm by the Chinese Embassy. I dressed up with a touch of red and entered with my friend Mr Baijiu (Ludde). Mr Baijiu is not his name, but he is the number one importer of Baijiu in Sweden, … Fortsätt läsa Celebrating Chinese New Year

Din Tai Fung

This Taiwanese/Chinese restaurant is addictive! We went for some of my favourites, tossed wild vegetable and beancurd with sesame oil, string bean with minced pork, steamed pork and vegetable dumplings, string beans and spicy wontons. Interesting facts; Founder Yang Bingyi was born in Shanxi, China. But he moved to Taiwan in 1948 as a result … Fortsätt läsa Din Tai Fung

Chinese New Year

So it is now the year of the pig. We celebrate the Chinese New Year every year with a nice dinner at our house. Photo Malin NordblomI am not chinese, but my daughter is. And I lived there for nearly 7 years. So that's why;) This year I made 6 different dishes, and it took … Fortsätt läsa Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!

We were invited for a Chinese New Year dinner today. And Teresa had cooked so much food. And it all tasted fantastic! And the year of the dog will hopefully be a good one, because we had so much lucky food. The fish for prosperity The lion's head refers to the meatballs and the cabbage … Fortsätt läsa Happy Chinese New Year!

Hard Rock at Universal

So we stayed at Hard Rock. It was a really great place! They had thought about every detail here. And I’m used to nice Asian hotels. The only downer at our room was that there were no light in the ceiling, so it was very cosy all the time. Wich is ok most of the … Fortsätt läsa Hard Rock at Universal

Lunch time

One of the great things in China is that you can get a nice lunch very cheap. Or the other way. I brought my friend to one of my little favourite restaurants, and she liked it. We had chicken, Chili, onion and some other veggies. Nice and tasty. I forgot the name of the restaurant, … Fortsätt läsa Lunch time