Restaurang Isaan

Krabbröra med Karma crackers, helt fantastsikt gott!!

Sayan Isaksson lagar mat som är full av smaker från det Thailändska köket, men tillagade med mestadels av svenska råvaror. Och det är precis så mat ska lagas idag. Man kan ta inspiration från andra länders kök, men använda sig av vad vi har lokalt! Sayan har tagit inspiration från Isaan regionen i Thailand där både han och många av de andra kockarna är födda. Men även från Chiang Mai och Bangkok.

Laab av gammal ko och grönt.

Sayan Isaksson har haft Michelin restauranger, vunnit guld med det svenska kocklandslaget, lagat Nobelmiddagar och mycket annat. Så det var med stor förväntan jag åt här första gången. Och jag har sedan dess hunnit med ett antal besök.

Sayan Isaksson

Men förvänta dig inte någon kokosmjölkssås, här är istället rå Thai streetfood i en miljö med kristallkronor. Det är Rock’n roll thai! På helgerna spelas jazz och soul, och drinkarna är ljuvliga och försvinnande goda. De har även öppet för frukost men det har jag inte hunnit att äta ännu, men deras brunch åt jag med glädje. Perfekt att prova på en massa olika rätter, men spara utrymme för dessertbordet för det är så himla mycket gott där!

Isaan’s dessertbord
Min väninna Petra och jag
Shaved ice med lakrits och hallon

Restaurant Isaan’

Berzelii Park, Stockholm


Isaan in Stockholm

Text och bild Malin Nordblom

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Svinkløv Bath Hotel

Svinkløv Bath Hotel is runned by the Bocuse d’Or winner Kenneth Toft-Hansen and his wife Louise. It is located just by a stunningly beautiful Danish beach, and the hotel is finally rebuilt again after the fire in 2016 when it burnt down to the ground. I did not have the pleasure to visit before it burnt down. But apparently it looks exactly the same as before, you could never believe that this was just built. The materials they have used are solid, and it is wood everywhere. Painted in white and grey, and you get this feeling of calm when you enter Svinkløv.

The beds are very comfortable!

The room has a classic Scandinavian seaside look. And you just feel like you never want to leave, but then you look out. And you just wanna run down to the beautiful beach and have a swim. You can borrow bathrobes at the hotel.

I really appreciate a nice bathroom, and every little detail is well thought of at Svinkløv. Even the soaps are made in a sustainable way.

This is one of the best places I ever been to. Thank you for a great experience!

Svinkløv Badehotel

Svinkløvvej 593


9690 Fjerritslev

Walk down and take a swim before dinner!

Text and photo Malin Nordblom

Fab Foodie Swede

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Danyel Couet’s Allegrine in Stockholm is a ”french” restaurant with a Swedish touch. The name comes from Danyel’s grand mother. And she was a the one that got Danyel interested of food. The interior is spot on perfect. It has a relaxed vibe, but jet everything is just right.

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Celebrating Chinese New Year

I had the honor to get invited to this years New Years Celebration at Grand Hotel in Stockholm by the Chinese Embassy. I dressed up with a touch of red and entered with my friend Mr Baijiu (Ludde). Mr Baijiu is not his name, but he is the number one importer of Baijiu in Sweden, so I have named him that. There is not much about Baijiu that he doesn’t know.

Tjoget, Sweden’s Best Cocktailbar of the year

Yesterday they won the prestigious prize as Sweden’s Best Cocktail bar of the year. They also became the 37th best bar in the world this year! Not bad! I know that they have a great selection of beer and wine, but I only had cocktails here as I really like a good cocktail. So if you are in Stockholm, I would recommend this bar for one of your nights. They also serve South European and Middle Eastern inspired food. Preferably you have the food with some cocktails! Tjoget opened up in 2012, and is runned by the two childhood friends Joel Söderbäck and Andreas Bergman. Intresting fact, they have their own ice factory so that they will have the perfect ice!


Tjoget, Hornsbruksgatan 24, Stockholm

Take the tube to Hornstull, it is literally just one minute away from the station.

Photo Malin Nordblom, Fab Foodie Swede

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Text and photo Malin Nordblom, Fab Foodie Swede

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Kommandobroen by Grantland

Another magic place at the Danish West Coast by Michael Grantland, one of Denmark’s top chefs. He started the restaurant in 2016 with his fiancé Louise just by the lively harbour in Hvide Sande. Michael has worked at several top restaurants in Denmark and Norway. He has also been competing and won both gold, silver and bronze in several competitions, for example gold and silver in Erfurt 2011/2012! Läs mer

El Rincon de Alberto

A must if you go to Logroño, and it is located in the Calle Laurel area.

You can hang out enjoying some nice wine and ham. Or go for the full food experience. This is probably the best restaurant in Logroño, and the owner Alberto is very service minded! I had lot’s of different dishes, and they were all fantastic! I would love to go here again!

Address: Calle San Agustín, 3, 26001 Logroño, La Rioja, Spain

The Silo

The Silo is a former grain silo located just by Nordhavn’s waterfront in Copenhagen. And lucky me, my friends live there. So after dinner we just went up there to have some cocktails. And they didn’t disappoint us! But next time I’ve gotta eat there. I know that they have some great chefs there. Both Denny Vangsted and Morten Falk. So the food should hopefully be good.

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Inviting at Ekstedts, a Swedish 1 star Michelin restaurant in Stockholm. I have to say, they are for sure worth the two stars. The food is exceptional! The flavours are surprising, and very well composed! And it is all beautifully presented on the plates!

Florencia is doing her magic with the presentation! Läs mer


One of my favourite places in Stockholm is Waipo. It’s located in the MOOD galleria. And during the warmer months you can choose to sit outside having a drink while eating some spring rolls, dumplings or something else. For me, this is a touch of Shanghai in Sweden.

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Vodka and great food at T8NG



Trying out some really nice vodka drinks yesterday by Virtuous Vodka at restaurant Tong in Stockholm.  The drinks were fabolous, and Tong is magical. I feel like I’m back home in Shanghai at that restaurant. So we tried all the different flavours of the vodka. And there are six; original, raspberry, ginger, Chili, vanilla and bitter lemon. The big bonus here is that everything is ecological! My favourite is the ginger vodka. I always mix Gingertini’s with it.

The food is something like a Chinese fusion. I had some really nice dishes when we ate.

HORNSGATAN 66, Stockholm

Green and Safe

A lot to choose from. I picked a plate with 3 different salads. So you can choose from around 10 different salads, either a big plate or 3 different. And a home made lemonade, wich is really good here. We were lucky to get some of the few seats outside. Where you can look at everything going on at Dong Ping Lu.

6 Dongping Lu,
near Hengshan Lu
东平路6号, 近衡山路

Simply Thai

Fish cake, vegetarian spring rolls and chicken. All downed with some Margaritas;)99C32C31-E7F0-4E99-BB7B-F1346450657EOne of my first favourites in Shanghai, and it still tastes as good as it did in the beginning of 2000.  Back then there weren’t that many none Chinese restaurants. So it was always a nice change to eat something different. Even if I love the Chinese kitchen. This evening I went here with my Swedish friend Märit and Els my Belgian friend that lived in Shanghai for 15 Years. Great friends, food and drinks. Life is good!


This is their first location, and I used to go here a lot in 2002.

5C Dongping Lu,
near Hengshan Lu
东平路5C, 近衡山路

Lunch time

11C5A2D1-822C-4EAE-8E3F-C161F29FF0BBBBE3DF57-D74F-4175-9CA5-7A597F40C458One of the great things in China is that you can get a nice lunch very cheap. Or the other way. I brought my friend to one of my little favourite restaurants, and she liked it. We had chicken, Chili, onion and some other veggies. Nice and tasty.

I forgot the name of the restaurant, but it is located just opposite the Korean Market in Hongqiao.

Shanghai Hong Qiao Da Tong Yang Market – 461 Jin Hui Lu / 金汇路461号


So close to our summer house we have a restaurant / hotel called Talldungen. And it feels like your in Italy or France when you get there. I was there a few weeks ago, and this time I went with there with my husband and some friends for our yearly visit.

The food was absolutely great, and so was my prosecco.

We started off with some different starters, my favourite was goat cheese with onion and hazelnuts sprinkled with olive oil and red vinegar.

For main course we all choose the cod with chanterelles and broccoli. It was absolutely delicious!

And I had a very nice lemon posset for dessert.

Phone +46 414 73235 or

Talldungen, hotell och restaurang
Bengtemöllevägen 7
273 50 Brösarp



The coziest place in this part if Skåne must be Talldungen in Brösarp. You can both stay the night or just eat.

They have a 3 course menu to choose from, wich is really hard.

We shared the starters, and then I went for the fish as my main, and it was really tasty!