O.P Anderson lunch

I was invited to celebrate O.P Anderson's end of celebration tour yesterday at Tjoget in Stockholm. Tjoget is the 37th best bar in the world, and the day before they won the prize as the Best Cocktail bar in Sweden. So we had a great lunch, served with different cocktails with O.P Anderson in all … Fortsätt läsa O.P Anderson lunch


INGREDIENTS: 20 ml Talisker 30 ml Ruby Port 10 ml lime juice 20 ml coffee & polypody sugar Dried polypodium   INSTRUCTIONS: 1, Mix all if the ingredients in a shaker. 2, Strain all of it over a large ice cube in a coupette glass. 3, Garnish with polypodium powder. INSTRUCTIONS COFFEE AND POLYPOD SUGAR … Fortsätt läsa COFFEE AND POLYPODIUM COCKTAIL

Explorer Vodka Shots

Sometimes it is nice to welcome the guests a bit differently. And that's what I did in the weekend. With some vodka shots! Normally I do my own shots and cocktails, but these were a good alternative! The Shaken Shots has a ginger vodka base and then different natural flavours. I loved the rhubarb one. … Fortsätt läsa Explorer Vodka Shots

Scandinavian Detours

I went on a trip to Fiskebäckskil and checked in at Slipens Hotel. After a coffee I jumped on a boat with the fisherman Björn to go to the island Flatholmen for a Talisker lunch. It is a trip arranged by Brygghuset and Talisker, Scandinavian Detours. You can experience it yourself June 28-29th or August … Fortsätt läsa Scandinavian Detours