Diki, A flirt with the 20’s

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Diki Diki var en populär cocktail på 20-talet, och jag har tagit inspiration från den. Med svensk Grönstedts punsch, grape och lite annat så har du här en riktigt god cocktail. Hoppas du gillar mitt drinkrecept!

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Dark and Stormy

A very nice drink if you like ginger beer like I do!

  • 2 thick slices of lime, one for garnish, one to squeeze over the ice (optional)
  • 4-6 cl dark rum.
  • 1 dl ginger beer
  • Ice

Fill a highball glass with ice. Squeeze a slice of the lime over the ice. Add the ginger beer. Top the ginger beer with the rum and place a slice of lime on the rim of the glass for a garnish.

 Splash some Angostura Bitter over it if you want!


Text and photos Malin Nordblom

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Roasted Tomato Cocktail

This is a tasty whisky cocktail. Perfect before or after a meal!

50 ml Talisker

100 ml roasted tomato juice

5ml citron

10 ml juice from pickled gurkins

15ml worchestershire sauce

Salt and Pepper

Celery and Olive oil foam

Mix all ingredients (except celery & olive oil) in a shaker with ice.

Then place a hawthorn strainer on top of your shaker, carefully pour the liquid from the shaker with ice into a shaker without ice. Repeat this 5 times. This is to water the drink, but also to put some air into the tomato juice.

Pour it all over a large piece of ice in a rock glass. Finish it off with the foam and a pinch of salt.

Tomato juice:

Put the oven at 150-200 degrees. Rinse and divide the tomatoes into halves. Dig out the seeds and turn them into olive oil at a baking tray, then place them with the cut side up.

Sprinkle with salt, pepper, basil and thyme.

Bake the tomatoes for about 2 hours. Then allow to cool and scale the tomatoes, run in a blender / mixer until the liquid becomes dull.

Mix 300g of celery with 500ml of syrup (50:50), then strain off the layer from the celery.

Add about 100 ml of olive oil and 200 ml of egg white to the celery sugar layer. Pour everything into a siphon and load with two (2) st cream cartridges. (Charge once, shake thoroughly, then charge 1 cartridge, shake). Allow the siphon to cool down well afterwards for best results.


I had this cocktail at Brygghuset in Fiskebäckskil, Emil Hed mixed it! And I was allowed to share it with you!

By Malin Nordblom

Fab Foodie Swede

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Raspberry Swede

3C95CBEB-D35B-4A50-A7F8-192B1D80F1E1I came up with this cocktail last night, and it was very popular. Here’s the recipe:

Raspberry Swede
4 cl Virtuous Vodka raspberry
6 cl lemon lemonade , I used Brämhults lemonade
2 cl syrup

Shake with ice, and serve in a martini glass or a nice wine glas.

Top with a raspberry or mynta.

By Malin Nordblom

Vodka and great food at T8NG



Trying out some really nice vodka drinks yesterday by Virtuous Vodka at restaurant Tong in Stockholm.  The drinks were fabolous, and Tong is magical. I feel like I’m back home in Shanghai at that restaurant. So we tried all the different flavours of the vodka. And there are six; original, raspberry, ginger, Chili, vanilla and bitter lemon. The big bonus here is that everything is ecological! My favourite is the ginger vodka. I always mix Gingertini’s with it.

The food is something like a Chinese fusion. I had some really nice dishes when we ate.

HORNSGATAN 66, Stockholm