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Restaurant Rijks and Twins Garden creates a special menu for one night in Moscow

Langoustine, daikon and curry cream by Rijks restaurant.

Ivan and Sergey Berezutskiy from Twins Garden in Moscow invited Joris Bijdendijk and Yascha Oosterberg from Restaurang Rijks in Amsterdam to create an exclusive Eight hands dinner during a special night in Moscow. So twice the numbers of superstars in the kitchen, that is what I call a one off experience! 

StandArt Hotel in Moscow

Checked in and Happy at this hotel inte centre of Moscow.Situated perfectly with a view over Pushkin Square. Spacious rooms with a nice own cube to sleep in. Nice and clean bathroom with toiletries from Etro. I don’t recommend hotels very often, but I really like this one. (And I am not sponsored to say it, I never am!)To use when you are out and about in Moscow!