Twins Science; International Festival of Science 2019 in Moscow

Sergey and Ivan Berezutskiy are the passionate identical twins that hosted a Food & Science Festival in Moscow the 7th-8th of November. As identical the twins are, equally complicated the subject Food and Science is. All of the festival was open to the public for free, because Ivan and Sergey want to share all the knowledge from scientists, chefs, experts and writers with the future chefs of Russia and everyone else who is interested. When I sat down and talked to Ivan about the festival I can not do anything else than admire their passion of sharing and caring so much in this subject. They want the younger generation to get the advantage they self never could get when they grew up. So what better way is there than inviting some top chefs and writers like science writer Harold McGee, science journalist Bob Holmes (author of the book Flavor- The science of our most neglected sense) , top chefs like Joris Bijdendijk who runs 1 Michelin star restaurant Rijks in Holland, Micha Tsumura from restaurant Maido in Peru who is No 1 at Latin America’s Best restaurants and No 10 at the Worlds best, Oriol Castro from Disfrutar in Barcelona that holds 2 stars, chef Massimiliano Alajmo from La Calandre in Italy(3 star Michelin), Gert de Mangleer that closed down his 3 star restaurant in Belgium and now runs several other places and some other interesting people like writer Carla Capalbo and many more participated in the festival for free! Because they all share one thing, the passion of science and food. I talked to a student that was listening to the chefs and writers, and he was so inspired to be here. I will write more about the festival the next few days!

Me and Harold McGee and Joris from Rijks.

Photo by Malin Nordblom

Text and photo Malin Nordblom

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