The italian experience

Went for a italian lunch with  Zonin and Rocca di Montemassi at L’Avventura today with the owner Francesco Zonin. We started out with a nice Zonin Prosecco.


And then we started with some antipasti, prosciutto di Parma, Wild boar salami, olive tapenade, parmigiana region and a fennel salad. Combined with a Rocca di Montemassi Calasole Vermentino.  The Calasole is fresh and has a touch of citrus.

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German wines


Wines of Germany invited me to Riesling Week. And Germany is somehow a bit forgotten, even if They are a really big wine country.

I will show you some of my favourites:

The white was really good!! And the beerenauslese is perfect for desserts or just after a good meal. It’s all eco from Sybille Kuntz. Läs mer


I was at a Brochet wine tasting with Frederic Brochet at La Cornue’s showroom. And I had the best dessert wine ever! It was their Quartz de Chaume Grand Cru. They taste was soft and stayed at my tongue for a while. And it had the colour of a piece of amber.