Middag hos Campo Viejo

Efter en dag i solen på vingården Campo Viejo i Logrono, Spanien så åkte vi tillbaks till hotellet och byta om för att sedan komma tillbaks och prova på lite olika sorters vin och äta middag. Campo Viejo utanför Logroño. Under dagen hade vi sett på odlingarna, provat på olika sorters druvor och druckit olika … Fortsätt läsa Middag hos Campo Viejo

Campo Viejo

I had the joy of visiting Campo Vieja's Winery in Logroño. I visited Campo Viejo which is a part of Domecq Bodegas, Spain’s largest wine producer. After the grand tour at the wineyard it was time to see the processes of grapes being fermented and turned into wine. And I tried the freshly squeezed grape juice, the … Fortsätt läsa Campo Viejo

At the Campo Viejo Vineyard

I visited the Campo Viejo Winery in Logroño, Spain. In the heart of Rioja! It was like a dream come true, the winery is situated outside the city, and the scenery was breathtaking! And getting to know how wine is made is really fascinating. I was so impressed with everyone's passion for the grapes and … Fortsätt läsa At the Campo Viejo Vineyard

Logroño in Spain

A tapas night in scenic Logroño is a very relaxed thing. You can go between places, order tapas and drink some cava and wine. So we started off with some Campo Viejo Cava, some nice ham and piparras. That sort of started off the evening very nice;) At the next place we had tomato salad … Fortsätt läsa Logroño in Spain