Campo Viejo

I had the joy of visiting Campo Vieja’s Winery in Logroño.

I visited Campo Viejo which is a part of Domecq Bodegas, Spain’s largest wine producer. After the grand tour at the wineyard it was time to see the processes of grapes being fermented and turned into wine. And I tried the freshly squeezed grape juice, the best I ever had!

Sorting grapes in the experimental part at Campo Viejo. And to be able to follow the whole process was so interesting!

They store the wine

This is were they store 6 million bottles of Campo Viejo wine!
After a tour at the Campo Viejo, it is nice to sit down and sip on some Cava and eat a paella. And look out over the wine yard.

Av ©Malin Nordblom


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Om Malin Nordblom Mat och dryckesskribent, receptkreatör och ibland även kallskänka/kock i köket på KSLA i Stockholm. Har ena foten i Sverige och den andra i Asien. Nyfiken, alltid hungrig och har gärna ett glas med något gott i handen. Spenderar mycket tid i köket med att hitta på nya recept och de som blir bra postar jag här.

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