First barbecue for the season

The best of times when it is finally time to have a BBQ. We hadn't planned for it so we used some already marinated chicken drumsticks and wings from Lönneberga. And my son didn't believe me when I told him that it was ready made marinated chicken. So I could have fooled him. (I hope … Fortsätt läsa First barbecue for the season

Logroño in Spain

A tapas night in scenic Logroño is a very relaxed thing. You can go between places, order tapas and drink some cava and wine. So we started off with some Campo Viejo Cava, some nice ham and piparras. That sort of started off the evening very nice;) At the next place we had tomato salad … Fortsätt läsa Logroño in Spain

Dinner at our place

We had some friends over for dinner, and Lars was in charge over the starter. Carpaccio, an old classic that we haven’t eaten for 10 Years. I wonder why, it is so nice!! He added parmesan, ruccola and olive oil. And lots of pepper. As a main, chicken in the owen with jus as they … Fortsätt läsa Dinner at our place