Jag har ätit på Wagamama i ett flertal länder och tycker att det är ett helt ok lunchställe. Wagamama är en franchise restaurang och finns i Europa, USA och UAE. Ganska imponerande att maten smakar nästan likadant överallt. Min dotter älskar Wagamama så jag har varit här en del gånger... Min personliga favorit är deras … Fortsätt läsa Wagamama

The worlds most sustainable wine

Food Pharmacy and Lohas Vinedos invited me for the launch of the world's most sustainable wine. With food it is today more and more possible to get all the information about were and how it is produced.But the wine makers haven't really had the opportunity to do so due to lots of rules and regulations. … Fortsätt läsa The worlds most sustainable wine

Din Tai Fung

This Taiwanese/Chinese restaurant is addictive! We went for some of my favourites, tossed wild vegetable and beancurd with sesame oil, string bean with minced pork, steamed pork and vegetable dumplings, string beans and spicy wontons. Interesting facts; Founder Yang Bingyi was born in Shanxi, China. But he moved to Taiwan in 1948 as a result … Fortsätt läsa Din Tai Fung

Hr. Skov

My favourite thing after eating and drinking is to buy food and food related products. At the Danish West Coast there is a fantastic gourmet shop called Hr. Skov. It is a butcher, cafe, delicatessen shop and Liquor shop . All in one! It is the kind of shop that I never want to leave. … Fortsätt läsa Hr. Skov

Boqueria in Stockholm

Tapas at Boqueria in Stockholm is like being back in Spain, except I didn’t have to travel! Talk about a climate smart way to travel! And it is really hot in Stockholm too, so it is just like in Spain. So good food, good drinks and tapas. When you order tapas you normally share them … Fortsätt läsa Boqueria in Stockholm

Dinner at Brygghuset in Fiskebäckskil

After a fantastic day I went to have some food. The food at Brygghuset in Fiskebäckskil is great. They are obviously as they are located by the sea serving really fresh seafood.  As a starter we had a scallop with some truffle butter sauce, smoked pork and fried carrot. And then a steamed bap bun … Fortsätt läsa Dinner at Brygghuset in Fiskebäckskil

‘The Edible Country’

"The Edible Country" is a do-it-yourself gourmet restaurant experience where you as a visitor forage and cook your own food out in the Swedish nature. There are 13 different locations all over Sweden to choose from. I visited Gunnebo Castle outside Gothenburg yesterday and cooked a meal from their surrounding areas. We made a yoghurt … Fortsätt läsa ‘The Edible Country’

Easter lunch

A great day that we always spend with my family. And we are eating so much food. This year it was 20 C, and we could have our lunch outside in the sun. This year we had 3 kinds of herring. The one to the left was mine with ginger, chilli, yuzu, onion and carrots. … Fortsätt läsa Easter lunch

Lunch at Cyprus Ambassadors Residence

I was invited by the Papadopoulo family who runs Fontana. And they are the big Greek importers of lots of nice food products, like halloumi, olives, wine.. Today they were talking about the next new big thing from them. Halloumi nuggets and fries! I was able to taste them, and my verdict is that this … Fortsätt läsa Lunch at Cyprus Ambassadors Residence

Indian Garden

Karim Rezaul started Indian Garden in 2002. And he has won 2 different British Curry Award! So people from all over the world are coming to Sweden to eat his Indian food! I have lived in London and Asia, and I had my fair share of crappy Indian food. But I have had some really … Fortsätt läsa Indian Garden

Restaurant China

Is a real chinese restaurant in Stockholm. After 7 years in China, I like to get some good chinese food every now and then. And I'm really happy when I don't have to cook it myself. At China they even have a Beijing duck owen, I haven't tried it jet, but everyone that has say's … Fortsätt läsa Restaurant China

Rosetta Bakery

This is an awesome Italian bakery with several locations in Miami. The pastry is made the real way, and tastes totally divine. Real berries, good custard, and yes I have to say that I'm hooked. And working for a food magazine that is not often it happens. Rosetta will be a place I always will … Fortsätt läsa Rosetta Bakery

Christmas at Operakällaren

Operakällaren is a very nice old classic restaurant that first opened up in 1787 in the basement of the old Opera house in Stockholm. Since then it has been torn down and a new house was built in the beginning of 19th century. It has always been a top restaurant , and yesterday I was … Fortsätt läsa Christmas at Operakällaren

Nytorget 6

I was the guide at a Food Tour at Södermalm in Stockholm today. Great fun! I had a group from Norway, and I think I did pretty well even if it was my first tour I talked on all stops nearly. My colleague Gunilla did 2 of the stops. One of the stops were at … Fortsätt läsa Nytorget 6

Soulfood Sthlm

Is run by Fanny who is making all this absolutely fab food. And on the plus side it is all healthy! Gosh how perfect. Yesterday Alexander had an event at Marbodal kitchen in Stockholm and Fanny had made all the food. We had different puddings, soup, rice etc.. This cilantro sauce was so good! And … Fortsätt läsa Soulfood Sthlm

Trying out some Sandeman port wine

I went for a lunch at Gondolen in Stockholm to try out some porto from Sandeman. And it was so interesting to have it matched with food. And their white port paired perfectly with the starters. The Sandeman Fine White Port was a perfect match with the duck terrine, and the port wine tasted a … Fortsätt läsa Trying out some Sandeman port wine

Champagne Palmer

Tried out the fab champagne Palmer Blanc de Noirs yesterday with food. I wonder why people aren't drinking champagne when they have a nice meal. I have always liked it, and with the food we were served yesterday it worked our perfectly! We started out with some Vendance roe from Kalix, duckliver terrine and some … Fortsätt läsa Champagne Palmer

Food Tours Stockholm

Yesterday I went on a Food Tour in Vasastan. And as I am not so familiar with Vasastan, that is a perfect way to learn. We started off with trying out the taste of wine in different kinds of glass. Oh man, what a difference it is!! At Österqvist Delikatesser I had the best ham … Fortsätt läsa Food Tours Stockholm

Jazz au vin

Danyel Couet has a new concept every Thursday at his Bar Etable. Once a week they will have a live jazz band, serve wine from the big wine bottle and some food. Relaxed, cosy and a very nice decadent feeling. bottles age more gracefully and just plain better, according to some experts, because they age … Fortsätt läsa Jazz au vin