‘The Edible Country’

“The Edible Country” is a do-it-yourself gourmet restaurant experience where you as a visitor forage and cook your own food out in the Swedish nature. There are 13 different locations all over Sweden to choose from.

I visited Gunnebo Castle outside Gothenburg yesterday and cooked a meal from their surrounding areas.

We made a yoghurt sauce with hazelnuts, and a vegetable pot with greens from the woods and gardens, egg and carrots. And then we poured browned butter all over it.

The meal and the setting were fantastic!

If you are visiting Sweden, I totally recommend you to book a table at some of the locations they offer.

The Gunnebo Castle, is from around 1700 and was built for a wealthy merchant called John Hall from England. The decoration and furnishings of the house, and all the landscaping was designed by the old city architect in Gothenburg Carl Willhem Carlberg.

The house has many of its old chairs and furniture at place, that has been recovered during the years from antique dealers and private persons.

They are certain that they really belonged to the house because they found Carlberg’s old sketches up on the attic. And Mrs Hall held a full inventory of everything they owned. From chairs to lemon trees.

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Hej, tack för att du läste! /Malin