Svinkløv Bath Hotel

Svinkløv Bath Hotel is runned by the Bocuse d’Or winner Kenneth Toft-Hansen and his wife Louise. It is located just by a stunningly beautiful Danish beach, and the hotel is finally rebuilt again after the fire in 2016 when it burnt down to the ground. I did not have the pleasure to visit before it burnt down. But apparently it looks exactly the same as before, you could never believe that this was just built. The materials they have used are solid, and it is wood everywhere. Painted in white and grey, and you get this feeling of calm when you enter Svinkløv.

The beds are very comfortable!

The room has a classic Scandinavian seaside look. And you just feel like you never want to leave, but then you look out. And you just wanna run down to the beautiful beach and have a swim. You can borrow bathrobes at the hotel.

I really appreciate a nice bathroom, and every little detail is well thought of at Svinkløv. Even the soaps are made in a sustainable way.

This is one of the best places I ever been to. Thank you for a great experience!

Svinkløv Badehotel

Svinkløvvej 593


9690 Fjerritslev

Walk down and take a swim before dinner!

Text and photo Malin Nordblom

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Möller villa

Möller Villa, or Moller Villa as he changed his name has a very fascinating story..

The old magical castle used to belong to the swedish shipping magnate Eric Möller and was ready in 1936. The Möllers were originally from Helsingborg in southern Sweden. Eric Möller was the son of the wealthy businessman Captain Nils Moller who sailed his brig ‘Osaka’ from Sweden.
After a legal argument with the Swedish and Norwegian Consulates concerning flags of convenience, Captain Nils declared himself a citizen of Shanghai.
He later removed the umlaut from his Swedish family name of ‘Moller‘.
He had two further families in Shanghai (with Alethea Stephenson and Hannah Clappison). The business grew and expanded into eight cities in China, and although the Mollers left Shanghai in 1950, their companies continued operating in Hong Kong into the 1990s. The family business was shipping and shipbuilding, and in Shanghai, the Moller portfolio included shipping lines, insurance, real estate and investment. In 1913, Eric Moller took over the family business and prospered. He had a steamboat that ran between Shanghai and Zhenjiang in Jiangsu Province, and, in the mid-1920s, decided to embark on the construction of a house for his big family – six children. The combination of a distinctly Scandinavian style with architectural references to ships throughout the house hints that Möller ( Moller)  was probably heavily involved in the design.  Eric Moller was a big horseracing fan, and the chair of the Shanghai Horse Racing Club. There is a picture at the wall of the hotel of him and Prince Charles at a race.

During the Pacific War, the house was occupied by the Japanese. Later, it housed a Kuomintang espionage agency.  The Möllers left Shanghai in 1950, soon after the communists came to power. Eric Möller died in a plane crash 1954 in Singapore, when his daughter was waiting for him. His son’s Eric JR and Ralph took over the business after he died. They also owned a stud farm, White Lodge Stud, in Newmarket in England. For more than half a century, the Moller Mansion served as the headquarters of the Communist Youth League Shanghai Branch. In 1989, the Villa was listed as one of Shanghai’s protected historical buildings. In 2001, the local Hengshan Group took it over and restored the original mansion, added several garish imitation buildings in the back, and reopened it all as a hotel in May 2002. And I stayed at the hotel, Wich was a bit exciting. I had a beautiful room, but a very poor breakfast. I have been to many happenings in the villa. And I had a very interesting evening with the architectural historian Tess Johnston in the villa. Just after the reopening.  2006, the hotel was ”closed for repairs” while in fact it was being used as the headquarters of a corruption investigation into Shanghai’s top official, Party Secretary Chen Liangyu. The villa hotel did not reopen to guests until April 2009.

At the hotel nowadays it says that Eric Moller was British, but he originally came from southern Sweden.  And my gran was married to a Moller from southern Sweden, are they related by any chance? And my granddad traveled to Shanghai when he was young.. And I lived there twice.. It’s under my skin…


Möller and his employees in 1947

Av ©Malin Nordblom


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Glasgow by night;)

There is this little cobbled area that is crowded with pubs and restaurants in the West End of Glasgow.
This is the place to hang out if you wanna have lots of options when you eat and drink. Innis & Gunn has a big restaurant with a tap room here, there is Jinty’s a famous Irish Bar that has been here for nearly 30 years. The place is also very photogenic;)

Susanne, Carolina and I. Girls just wanna have fun in Glasgow!

Bild och text  © Malin Nordblom

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Green and Safe

A lot to choose from. I picked a plate with 3 different salads. So you can choose from around 10 different salads, either a big plate or 3 different. And a home made lemonade, wich is really good here. We were lucky to get some of the few seats outside. Where you can look at everything going on at Dong Ping Lu.

6 Dongping Lu,
near Hengshan Lu
东平路6号, 近衡山路

Lunch time

11C5A2D1-822C-4EAE-8E3F-C161F29FF0BBBBE3DF57-D74F-4175-9CA5-7A597F40C458One of the great things in China is that you can get a nice lunch very cheap. Or the other way. I brought my friend to one of my little favourite restaurants, and she liked it. We had chicken, Chili, onion and some other veggies. Nice and tasty.

I forgot the name of the restaurant, but it is located just opposite the Korean Market in Hongqiao.

Shanghai Hong Qiao Da Tong Yang Market – 461 Jin Hui Lu / 金汇路461号

Back in Shanghai

Wo ai Shanghai❤️

This is also my home,I might not live here anymore. But I lived here on and off since 2002. And this is where we started off as a family. Shanghai will always hold a special place in my heart. I am here with a friend this time. And I love to show her all my special places. Yesterday we went all over the town, and of the places were JingAn temple. And the first house we lived in, at Yan An Zhong Lu, where we meet my old neighbor.