Ceviche, en perfekt förrätt

Ceviche passar lika bra som förrätt som del av en buffet. Och perfekt för dig som vill förbereda lite innan eftersom den ska stå kallt ett tag innan den serveras. Ceviche är perfekt att göra av fiskbitar du har över, eller så köper du en bit färsk tosrk, lax, röding eller annan slags fisk och … Fortsätt läsa Ceviche, en perfekt förrätt

Hanstholm Fish Market

Hanstholm Fish Auction is Denmark's largest and it has an annual turnover of approximately 500 million Danish Kroner! I have been to a few fish auctions all over the world, and this is a really big and well organized one. And strangely enough it didn't smell a lot of fish. So they handle up to 450 tons … Fortsätt läsa Hanstholm Fish Market

Cod with truffle aioli

Great way to cook cod, and so tasty! Time to Cook: 30 minutes You need the following for 4 persons: 500 gram of cod fillet Butter 150 grams of mushrooms Bacon Potatoes for 4 persons Parsley Salt Pepper 1, Preheat the oven to 125 C 2, Salt the cod and leave for 15 minutes while … Fortsätt läsa Cod with truffle aioli

Mat and Destillat

One of the best restaurants in Lund. It is situated where there used to be a famous bakery, so it is nice that you still can eat there. A classic restaurant with a French vibe with very stabile good food. The pike perch I had was perfect with the smoked sauce hollandaise and it's grilled … Fortsätt läsa Mat and Destillat

Martin’s Smokehouse

This is where I buy a lot of smoked fish in the summer. They have the most delicious salmon and a sauce to die for. This place is a must if you are in the area! During easter the queues are long, but its so worth it! You can also eat by the water in … Fortsätt läsa Martin’s Smokehouse

Buhres in Kivik

In the harbour of Kivik you find Buhres. It’s a combined restaurant and shop. And they also serve fast food fish on the outside of the restaurant. I go here a lot to buy fish, but my favourite is their lunch buffet. They serve a lot of different kinds of salmon and prawn, and other … Fortsätt läsa Buhres in Kivik

Eriks Basar

Restaurangen har tyvärr stängt. Anna Lallerstedt is running this classy, jet relaxed restaurant in Stockholm. There is a big beautiful dining room where you can have a nice meal. And then you have the “bar” area where you can eat breakfast, lunch and easier food. Anna Lallerstedt and Håkan Carlsson Either is a good choice! … Fortsätt läsa Eriks Basar