Trying out some Sandeman port wine

I went for a lunch at Gondolen in Stockholm to try out some porto from Sandeman. And it was so interesting to have it matched with food. And their white port paired perfectly with the starters. The Sandeman Fine White Port was a perfect match with the duck terrine, and the port wine tasted a … Fortsätt läsa Trying out some Sandeman port wine

Eriks Basar

Restaurangen har tyvärr stängt. Anna Lallerstedt is running this classy, jet relaxed restaurant in Stockholm. There is a big beautiful dining room where you can have a nice meal. And then you have the “bar” area where you can eat breakfast, lunch and easier food. Anna Lallerstedt and Håkan Carlsson Either is a good choice! … Fortsätt läsa Eriks Basar