Corona, life and other things

I worked 2 days last week in the kitchen of KSLA with Gunilla and Helena. We had great fun, and cooked some awesome food! Unreal is the only feeling I have when I think about this Covid-19. It is my mind all the time, it is the first thing I think about when I wake … Fortsätt läsa Corona, life and other things

Restaurang Isaan

Tyvärr så har restaurang Isaan stängt, men förhoppningsvis öppnar Isaan upp någon annanstans.. Krabbröra med Karma crackers, helt fantastsikt gott!! Sayan Isaksson lagar mat som är full av smaker från det Thailändska köket, men tillagade med mestadels av svenska råvaror. Och det är precis så mat ska lagas idag. Man kan ta inspiration från andra … Fortsätt läsa Restaurang Isaan


Mysigt och italienskt är ord som passar perfekt på L’Avventura som drivs av Karl Ljung, till på köpet så smakar maten fantastiskt. L’Avventura ligger i det gamla delvis K-märkta Metropolpalatset som inrymde biograf Lyran och en restaurang på 1920-talet. Känslan av att befinna sig i en gammal italiensk dekadent film infinner sig så fort du … Fortsätt läsa L’Avventura

Niklas Ekstedt

For English scroll down.Niklas Ekstedt är aktuell med Food & Fire som går på Viaplay just nu. I serien besöker han olika länder och lär sig hur de lagar mat över eld. Han lyser upp när han talar om avsnittet från Finland där de använder en vedeldad bastu för att laga mat i. Niklas började … Fortsätt läsa Niklas Ekstedt

Ingefärsshot med gurkmeja

Ofta börjar jag mina morgnar med en nyttig ”shot” av rå ingefärajuice som jag ibland även har lite gurkmeja i. Eller så häller jag ingefärsshoten i ett glas med apelsin eller äppeljuice. Att dricka en ingefärsshot med gurkmeja (eller utan) på morgonen ger mig så otroligt mycket energi. Det kickar verkligen igång en! Ingefära, citron … Fortsätt läsa Ingefärsshot med gurkmeja

Handmade Ecuadorian design by Denise Cruz

My friend Denise is a designer and held a little get together at the Ecuadorean Embassy in Stockholm the other day. She works with artisans in small towns in Ecuador, and the products are sustainable produced. Some of the products are made out of the Tagua nut. It is also called Eco Ivory for it's … Fortsätt läsa Handmade Ecuadorian design by Denise Cruz

The worlds most sustainable wine

Food Pharmacy and Lohas Vinedos invited me for the launch of the world's most sustainable wine. With food it is today more and more possible to get all the information about were and how it is produced.But the wine makers haven't really had the opportunity to do so due to lots of rules and regulations. … Fortsätt läsa The worlds most sustainable wine

Eatery Social

Eatery Social is situated at Clarion Hotel in Skanstull, Stockholm. The food is created by super chef Marcus Samuelson, and he has been influenced by the street food you find in Latin America. The food is a little bit spicy, fresh and not so complicated. You preferably share the food with some friends or family. … Fortsätt läsa Eatery Social


Day time you find some great lunches here. Both vegetarian and non vegetarian. Somehow I nearly always end up eating their vegetarian lunch. And I have never been disappointed. For me it feels just like entering a place somewhere in Spain, the colours, the vibe. It's all there. In the weekends they have a DJ, … Fortsätt läsa Spanjorskan

‘The Edible Country’

"The Edible Country" is a do-it-yourself gourmet restaurant experience where you as a visitor forage and cook your own food out in the Swedish nature. There are 13 different locations all over Sweden to choose from. I visited Gunnebo Castle outside Gothenburg yesterday and cooked a meal from their surrounding areas. We made a yoghurt … Fortsätt läsa ‘The Edible Country’

Breakfast by the locals

Breakfast buffet at Hotel Kung Carl in Stockholm. They are sourcing nearly everything locally for their delicious breakfast. And the the beauty with it is that every Best Western Hotel is having their own local delicacies at their breakfasts table. A theme called ”Meet the Locals". So at their breakfast buffet I had cheese on … Fortsätt läsa Breakfast by the locals

Brisket and Friends

If you go here, you have to eat their Burnt Ends!! Don't forget it! And when you have done that, then your addicted to them. They are a bit spicy, I downed them with a soda and their house beer. Brisket and Friends has really succeeded I. getting a real American flavour in all the … Fortsätt läsa Brisket and Friends

Listening to a Live Pod

Last night I went to listen to a live pod with Tove and Daniella. They had invited Marcus Jernmark from Frantzen, Joakim Almqvist from Punk Royale and Anders Husa. Before the pod I had some nice Cheese Doodlez with truffle and vodka from Punk Royale!Thanks Jocke!! The pod was great. They talked about restaurant critics, … Fortsätt läsa Listening to a Live Pod

Zacapa Solo Dining

I spent last night eating an excellent 3 course dinner with some fab cocktails by Michael Hajiyianni from Ruby's in Copenhagen, Denmark. So eating alone, why? You have way more time to reflect over the food if you experience it alone. I had headphones on during the whole meal and a woman was talking about … Fortsätt läsa Zacapa Solo Dining

Shanti Classic

Real Indian food in Stockholm?!? Yes, Shanti has some locations. But my favourite is Shanti Classic. The chef is great, and so is the food. When you are eating Indian food, then you should order some different dishes to share. (According to the Indian way, and mine;) There is some musts at this restaurant. The … Fortsätt läsa Shanti Classic

The swedish Culinary team

That won the World Cup, invited some people for some bubbles today at their camp at the Electrolux HQ. So I gave them some Gourmet mags, had a nice time chatting with them and took this funny picture! They will soon start practising for Stuttgart 2020! Let's hope for gold again! The middle trophy weighs … Fortsätt läsa The swedish Culinary team

Baras Ställe

Yesterday I went to one of the most beautiful openings ever! The interior was smashing, and Alexander Erwik, the one that had planed the opening had done a grand job. And everywhere I looked there was something to take a picture off! Me and Helene ❤️. Fab to have a night with a friend! They … Fortsätt läsa Baras Ställe

Trying out some Sandeman port wine

I went for a lunch at Gondolen in Stockholm to try out some porto from Sandeman. And it was so interesting to have it matched with food. And their white port paired perfectly with the starters. The Sandeman Fine White Port was a perfect match with the duck terrine, and the port wine tasted a … Fortsätt läsa Trying out some Sandeman port wine

At Hernö Gin

Up North in Sweden there is this Brewery making gin that just get's all these prizes all the time! I went there with a nice group of people to try out their gin and see their factory. The table was set nicely!! Served with a gin cocktail by Emil Åreng Thanks! Great visit!! Your distillery … Fortsätt läsa At Hernö Gin