Handmade Ecuadorian design by Denise Cruz

My friend Denise is a designer and held a little get together at the Ecuadorean Embassy in Stockholm the other day. She works with artisans in small towns in Ecuador, and the products are sustainable produced. Some of the products are made out of the Tagua nut. It is also called Eco Ivory for it’s resemblance to ivory. You can colour the Tagua or as she has done on the appetiser sticks burn them! The ornaments are all hand carved, and I’m in love with these little name holders! You can buy them at Svenskt Tenn!

We also got to try out the gin from Ecuador, Crespo. Great gin, perfect to mix with a tonic. And then some Empanada’s with cheese, chicken or apple. The embassador held a speech, and then Denise had another inspiring speech. Now I just wanna go to Ecuador!! me and HelenaPhoto Malin Nordblom, Fab Foodie Swede

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