Walpurgis evening

Normally it's an evening where you eat with your friends, and then go to the bonfire and sing in the spring. Yesterday we weren't allowed to have bonfires where we live because it was to dry. But we had a fantastic meal with some friends. In the old days we had the bonfires to scare … Fortsätt läsa Walpurgis evening

Brisket and Friends

If you go here, you have to eat their Burnt Ends!! Don't forget it! And when you have done that, then your addicted to them. They are a bit spicy, I downed them with a soda and their house beer. Brisket and Friends has really succeeded I. getting a real American flavour in all the … Fortsätt läsa Brisket and Friends

Midsummer in Sweden

Today we are celebrating midsummer in Sweden, wich is as important as Christmas! It’s the longest day of the year. Nearly no night at all. So we are starting off with some herring, new potatoes, some greens. And we sing, and drink schnapps. 🤪 In the afternoon we are dancing around a midsummer pole, that … Fortsätt läsa Midsummer in Sweden