A must if your in Stockholm! They serve both Swedish classics, and the best mexican food in town! Kajsa that runs the place runned restaurants in Mexico for 5 years. Their location couldn’t be better, at the little island Skeppsholmen in central Stockholm. A must is to order a cocktail, Bella is making the most delicious drinks. Both non alcoholic, and with. So there’s no excuse! I would definitely go for the nachos as a starter. And the jumbo shrimps were divine!!

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Midsummer in Sweden

Today we are celebrating midsummer in Sweden, wich is as important as Christmas! It’s the longest day of the year. Nearly no night at all. So we are starting off with some herring, new potatoes, some greens. And we sing, and drink schnapps. 🤪
In the afternoon we are dancing around a midsummer pole, that we have covered in flowers. We celebrate the light, the green and according to some the pole represents fertility.
And then we play some silly outdoor games. In the evening there’s a big barbecue.

Smaka på Stockholm

The big Swedish food festival in Stockholm is now on, until Sunday the 10th of June.

Lots of famous restaurants, food trucks, cook along, concerts…

Here a porchetta from Mama, and some saempi food! You find food from all of Sweden, in Stockholm! And you might add some kg’s..

Have fun!

Text och bild ©Malin Nordblom