Paté à choux med en smörig fyllning av portobello

Galet gott som förrätt, till en sallad eller som drinktilltugg. Lyxiga Paté à choux med en smörig portobello-fyllning. Ingredienser 60 g mjölk 60 g vatten 50 g smör 80 g mjöl 2 g salt 2 g socker 125 g ägg Fyllningen 1 dl forumvinäger 1 dl socker 1 dl vatten 5 g agar agar 4 … Fortsätt läsa Paté à choux med en smörig fyllning av portobello

‘The Edible Country’

"The Edible Country" is a do-it-yourself gourmet restaurant experience where you as a visitor forage and cook your own food out in the Swedish nature. There are 13 different locations all over Sweden to choose from. I visited Gunnebo Castle outside Gothenburg yesterday and cooked a meal from their surrounding areas. We made a yoghurt … Fortsätt läsa ‘The Edible Country’

Walpurgis evening

Normally it's an evening where you eat with your friends, and then go to the bonfire and sing in the spring. Yesterday we weren't allowed to have bonfires where we live because it was to dry. But we had a fantastic meal with some friends. In the old days we had the bonfires to scare … Fortsätt läsa Walpurgis evening

Easter lunch

A great day that we always spend with my family. And we are eating so much food. This year it was 20 C, and we could have our lunch outside in the sun. This year we had 3 kinds of herring. The one to the left was mine with ginger, chilli, yuzu, onion and carrots. … Fortsätt läsa Easter lunch

Trying out some Sandeman port wine

I went for a lunch at Gondolen in Stockholm to try out some porto from Sandeman. And it was so interesting to have it matched with food. And their white port paired perfectly with the starters. The Sandeman Fine White Port was a perfect match with the duck terrine, and the port wine tasted a … Fortsätt läsa Trying out some Sandeman port wine

Swedish food!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of having Anders Isaksson cooking for me and some others. And as the talented chef he is, he came up with a bunch of good recipes to be paired with O.P. Anderson. Chanterelles fried, pickles and raw with a spicy cream cheese, trout roe, chervil and dill pollen. Pickled herring … Fortsätt läsa Swedish food!


Nabo means neighbour in old Swedish and danish. So first stop when you enter is the bar. The restaurant has a Scandinavian style both in the restaurants interior and the food they are serving. It's a nice mix! And then we have the food, wich is really good! And a must is their tartar ! … Fortsätt läsa Nabo

Marcus Samuelsson

Marcus Samuelsson känd för sin restaurang Red Rooster i USA, sina många kokböcker och mycket annat. Marcus Samuelsson är i Sverige och han har skapat en grönare meny för Clarion Sign Hotel i Stockholm. Marcus Samuelsson arbetar mycket för att vi ska äta mera grönt och nyttigare. Det är underbart att se någon som är … Fortsätt läsa Marcus Samuelsson


A must if your in Stockholm! They serve both Swedish classics, and the best mexican food in town! Kajsa that runs the place runned restaurants in Mexico for 5 years. Their location couldn’t be better, at the little island Skeppsholmen in central Stockholm. A must is to order a cocktail, Bella is making the most … Fortsätt läsa Torpedverkstan

Midsummer in Sweden

Today we are celebrating midsummer in Sweden, wich is as important as Christmas! It’s the longest day of the year. Nearly no night at all. So we are starting off with some herring, new potatoes, some greens. And we sing, and drink schnapps. 🤪 In the afternoon we are dancing around a midsummer pole, that … Fortsätt läsa Midsummer in Sweden

Urban Deli

So a juicy vegan burger, can it really be nice? Yes! It was totally awesome. It felt like a burger, but it was vegan. I could totally fool someone that this was a hamburger! They serve 3 different versions of the burger. And they were all good! And their vegan cheese was really nice too! … Fortsätt läsa Urban Deli

Smaka på Stockholm

Jag, Saori och Rebecka The big Swedish food festival in Stockholm is now on, until Sunday the 10th of June. Lots of famous restaurants, food trucks, cook along, concerts... Here a porchetta from Mama, and some saempi food! You find food from all of Sweden, in Stockholm! And you might add some kg’s.. Have fun! … Fortsätt läsa Smaka på Stockholm