Moderna museets restaurang

Yesterday I was invited with some others to cook with Malin Söderström, the head chef at The Modern Museum in Stockholm. We got to make the same salad that will be served at Sthlm Food & Wine the 9 - 11 th of November. There will be a Chef's Restaurant with different famous Swedish chefs … Fortsätt läsa Moderna museets restaurang


So it was my birthday yesterday. And when my husband asked what I wanted to eat, then I told him that I wanted some of the nice ham and cheese that I brought home from Logrono in Spain. So we just added some shrimps, avocado and some other things. And had a very simple but … Fortsätt läsa Birthday

L’Avventura studio

I was invited to the Nespresso Vertuo launch the other day at newly opened L'Avventura studio. The food was amazing, and it all had a Coffee touch in it! Nice table setting Look at those veggies, standing in coffee beans. Great table I loved the carpaccio And the New Nespresso Vertuo was easy to handle! … Fortsätt läsa L’Avventura studio

Beyond Burger

If that's what you want then you find it at two places in Sweden! Picture : Malin Nordblom The first one is Phil's Burger that has several locations in the Stockholm area. Phil's is a really nice hamburger place with great burgers. You can find the locations here: The other place is at Scandic … Fortsätt läsa Beyond Burger

Urban Deli

So a juicy vegan burger, can it really be nice? Yes! It was totally awesome. It felt like a burger, but it was vegan. I could totally fool someone that this was a hamburger! They serve 3 different versions of the burger. And they were all good! And their vegan cheese was really nice too! … Fortsätt läsa Urban Deli

Breakfast time

I love eating breakfast! Here is a a breakfast that started off with Green & Safe’s yoghurt, granola and honey, orange and carrot juice. And then I finished off with a magic bun. Well if you walk all day long, then you deserve a nice bun.  6 Dongping Lu, Shanghai

Healthy breakfast

My neighbour invited some girls over for a very delicious breakfast! She is a paleo nutrionist, or at least that’s what I think it is called. She had made some chia seed pudding with berries and nuts. Like a smooth dessert! Mega yum! And healthy crackers with avocado, cheese and tomato. I am full and … Fortsätt läsa Healthy breakfast