Sushi de luxe

Lexus had flown in Yuki Chizui, the famous female sushi chef from Tokyo. She only employs female sushi chefs at her restaurant Nadeshico Sushi in Tokyo. So why did Lexus have a sushi chef from Tokyo with them at their launch? They are honouring their female Chefs Engineer Chika Kako and other women. They want … Fortsätt läsa Sushi de luxe

Moderna museets restaurang

Yesterday I was invited with some others to cook with Malin Söderström, the head chef at The Modern Museum in Stockholm. We got to make the same salad that will be served at Sthlm Food & Wine the 9 - 11 th of November. There will be a Chef's Restaurant with different famous Swedish chefs … Fortsätt läsa Moderna museets restaurang