Strandingmuseum St George

A museum that is telling you everything about the shipwrecks at the coast of West Jutland, and the stories around it at land. The anchor above was cast from St George to avoid propulsion towards the Danish West Coast a Christmas Eve morning 1811. But it didn't work as the anchor cables snapped and the … Fortsätt läsa Strandingmuseum St George

Tirpitz Museum

One of the best museums I ever been too! When I heard that we were going to visit a Danish War Museum I was not impressed. But I'd love to be surprised and so I was. Thanks Mette and Colin!! The bunker was built during the second world war but it was never finished as … Fortsätt läsa Tirpitz Museum

The Future of food and drink

A new exhibition at Spritmuseum in Stockholm. About what we can eat and drink in the future. And how we can do it in a sustainable way. A very interesting exhibitions, that is so important! Because everyone needs to change their way of eating and drinking. It's about future visions, health trends and climate-friendly cuisine. … Fortsätt läsa The Future of food and drink

Moderna museets restaurang

Yesterday I was invited with some others to cook with Malin Söderström, the head chef at The Modern Museum in Stockholm. We got to make the same salad that will be served at Sthlm Food & Wine the 9 - 11 th of November. There will be a Chef's Restaurant with different famous Swedish chefs … Fortsätt läsa Moderna museets restaurang


En annan av mina favoriter i Stockholm är Millesgården på Lidingö. Vackra Millesgården ligger med utsikt över vattnet och var en gång i tiden ett hem för skulptören Carl Milles och hans fru Olga som var målare. Konstnärshemmet ritades av Carl M. Bengtsson och byggdes 1908. 1936 skänkte Carl och Olga Millesgården till det svenska … Fortsätt läsa Millesgården